Marketing ROI Tools

Influencer marketing is an effective means of business promotion. The human mind works wonders. Don’t you think the influence of some of the creative minds could create a significant impact? Of course, those who can create such influence are known as influencers. 

The prerequisite of an influencer is to have a proper subject of a specific domain relating to a business. Businesses definitely will choose them as they play a crucial role in promoting business activities actively among the public. 

Technically many factors can contribute to influencer marketing. Businesses need to understand the rate of impact the influencers can make. Based on this, the business investment can be determined. The more the following, the more is the investment of any business—likewise, the earning of the influencers. 

Apart from the investment and earnings, we will talk about the tools that aid influencer marketing.

ROI talks of Return of Investment, and any existing business aim to gain maximum return of investment. Let us brief about the marketing ROI 

How to measure ROI?


Sales should not be the sole intent of any business. It should happen automatically. People tend to look at your business by what you offer in terms of quality, customer value, usefulness, and most of all, the trust and the confidence earned. Such an approach of any business would lead to success. 


KPI stands for Key Performance Indicators, which can be otherwise stated as the key marketing metrics that help determine the overall performance of the influencers’ marketing. Following this, specific targets have to be set for the metrics, and keep evaluating how best you can achieve the set targets within the time frame. 

Determine influencers investment 

Based on the followers, the influencers’ investment can be determined. From nano influencers to celebrity influencers, the investment could vary. Even the social media platforms also play the key to determine business investment in the influencers.

The most common marketing ROI metrics 

Sales conversion with referral links 

Users show interest in the business activities that can be realized through various browsing activities that could lead to sales sometime in the future. Marketing influencers conduct campaigns to attract customer’s attention. Tools support certain links called referral links. Using the referral links, the influencer can know whether the user interaction has turned into sales.

Consequently, businesses can easily track the contribution from each influencer. Moreover, the referral links serve businesses to assess who is the best performing and their influence. 

User engagement 

User engagement serves as a primary metric to study the investment upon a specific influencer. The likes, shares, comments, and followers help determine the impact of the influencer. What is the talk of the business on the social media platform? Is the name being heard in a much louder voice? If it is high and widespread, it determines that the engagement levels are more intense and indicates a positive sign of business growth.

Email marketing 

No user would show interest in making purchases right away. It takes some time. Present-day leads become the future customers. How to enable users to submit their contact details? Significantly, user engagement can be gained through effective content like articles, blogs, newsletters, white papers, and creative Quora Q&A sessions. Interested users can show interest to subscribe to any of these sources and submit their email addresses. 


Any business should have a clear idea about implementing influencer marketing. We have studied the best ways to cause a considerable ROI. 

ONPASSIVE‘s role as an AI-powered organization is prominent. AI tools are designed to support businesses in a promotion. O-Post acts as a perfect tool for executing emails promotion. Customized messages can be sent based on the users’ website activities, leading to more click-through rates. Also, the tools enable to execution of user personalization through O-Post best.