Marketing strategies have to be in tune with the existing marketing trends to generate the best leads for any organization. Understanding customers and knowing the engaging ways can help develop a better strategy. 

B2B marketers should focus on the competitive edge so that users are tuned to use your business's products and services. 

Marketing strategies for generating leads 

Marketing strategies define goals and the required resources to attain them. Marketing goals pave the path for responsibility to check the performance and analyze how the actions attain the expected results.

Before generating a marketing strategy, look at the level you hold in the market. This can be known by analyzing the competitors. Do not be misled with many objectives, but choose one or two effective options and set them as goals so that attaining them would be easy and the focus is guaranteed. Otherwise, more complexities could result. 

The most common goals any business would identify will be as follows:

  • Generate leads
  • Turn leads into loyal customers
  • Establish lifetime relationships with the customers 
  • Generate huge ROI

Reaching a goal costs money to any organization. So, post defining a goal, the next step is to define budget constraints for attaining the goals. Marketing activities have more goals to be attained. Defining the cost constraints for each of them would let us know the possibilities of accomplishing them. 

Having said this, let us explore the top marketing strategies.

Influencer Marketing :

Businesses marketers have a lot to know about a specific domain through influencers. Usually, they could be celebrities and even subject matter experts as well. Seek the influencers, which necessarily need not have a huge Social Media following, but those experts whose thoughts can significantly influence people.

Having identified them, the next step would be to consider marketing activities that benefit both the businesses and the influencers. Among the various marketing options available, the role of the webinars is highly effective in bringing all the interested participants under one common platform.

Emotional Marketing :

Statistics reveal that the customers find more attached to any business products and services if they find more personal attachment with the products and services offered. 

Such marketing options enable businesses to understand people psychologically through more relevant and appropriate options. Thus, any business can gain a competitive edge over others. 

Event Marketing:

Incorporating events into the digital marketing strategy can derive more successful results. The foremost question that lies is what event to choose?

Webinars, trade shows, and conferences could be some events that can be planned to connect with customers more closely. More effective events can be held if the budget permits.

Event marketing is also important. Emails act as an effective source for executing the promotion. The primary objective is to ensure that maximum leads attend the event without fail. It can be accomplished successfully by updating the users regularly about the schedule of the event and the benefits they would derive through their attendance.

Must know ONPASSIVE's AI products for business marketing 

Email Marketing 

O-Post is an email marketing tool that comes with beautiful email designs. The tool also provides simple UI, 24x7 support, and email accuracy. Furthermore, the analytics helps improve the open and click-through rates. 

Lead Management 

O-Desk ( erstwhile O-Lead ) offers the best lead management system enabling customers to engage through various channels. The tool suggests intelligent ways to connect with the customers. Most importantly, it plays a crucial role in aligning your marketing trends with the existing market trends. 

Video Communication

OCONNECT is an effective video communication tool. Dual screen share, external links, and easy invites are the prominent features of the tool. The tool enables high-quality audio and video output. Significantly, the auto-translation feature allows regional language speakers to understand language. 


Generating quality leads is essential for any business to prosper. Many marketing options lie to gain them. What if you have intelligent technology knowing the customers' expectations and requirements? Proves good! 

That is what ONPASSIVE's AI tools perform. Leverage their usage for best results.