The best Marketing strategies to boost your business growth in 2021

Business success always depends on the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Consistent revenue is the result of long-term success. Therefore, once you have a proper idea about your market, finding the right business strategy helps to attract potential customers.

A powerful marketing strategy should be based on your business values, critical demographics, value proposition, and other crucial elements. The best business marketing campaign should focus on strategies that are beneficial both online and offline. 

The following are the Most Powerful Marketing Strategies of 2021 to Boost Your Business Growth:

1. Google My Business 

It is a platform offered by Google for consumers enabling them to search for businesses through Google search and Maps. It is a free platform and can be one of your digital marketing strategies as it helps to manage your business profile across the Google platform. Having your company’s profile on Google Business listing can be advantageous to post crucial information about your business such as contacts, operating hours, and physical location.

2. Search Engine Optimization 

SEO enables your business to grow organic traffic on the website and increase your rank on search results. Optimizing your content on a website, blog and other online channels helps the search engines direct your content towards user’s search page results.

There are three types of SEO’s that businesses can focus on:

1. Technical SEO –  It refers to the improvement of technical aspects of your website to improve its ranking on a search engine. 

  •  By crawling the web, search engines can present websites to the users based on their ease to use. Therefore, optimizing your website improves your marketing strategy.

2. On-page SEO – This focuses on using keywords, titles, metatags, SEO-friendly URLs, long-tail keywords, and title modifiers among other page elements.

3. Off-page SEO –  This primarily concentrates on linking backlinks to your website. An effective way to improve your search engine rankings and create backlinks for your blog is through Guest Blogging.

 3. Blogging 

Blogging is a vital part of a business marketing strategy as creating informative content for leads and clients is essential. According to a survey, it was found that marketers who use blogs in their strategies get 67% more leads than those who don’t use them. Marketers with valuable content are more likely to receive a positive Return on investment (ROI). 

 4. Social Media Marketing Strategies 

Social media platforms provide a high contribution to the overall Digital Marketing strategies used by businesses. Through social media marketing, you can advertise new products, communicate directly with your customers and share information on social media using handy tools to manage social media accounts. 

Popular social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram and businesses can choose the campaigns depending on the target audience. Many top companies are using social media marketing strategies as a part of their campaigns to increase their sales and revenue.s

 5. Sales Productivity Tools 

Sales productivity tools go hand in hand with marketing to increase efficiency and reduce downtime. There are several sales productivity tools like salesforce, zoom, pay pal, and others each serving different purposes from CRM to communication and payments. 

Optimizing sales productivity tools need meticulous calculations. A sales productivity formula can be used to achieve this. However, there is no constant formula to measure sales productivity, but there are several measurements that can be used to measure if B2B marketing strategies are working.

 6. Search Engine Marketing

once your organic traffic is increased with the help of SEO, investing in Search engine marketing (SEM) can be done. It is crucial to leverage search engines to show up on the results page because most of the product searches take place on Google. 

Always ensure that you have the right SEM tools before investing in a Google Ad Campaign. Google trends, Google Ad Keyword planner, Spyfu, and SEMRush are some of the best SEM tools.

 7. Podcasts 

Podcasts are a great way to explain the solutions you provide with the product being featured in the content. They help you gain insights into marketing strategies by enabling you to provide information on your business products. 

While contributing to podcasts you can even take advantage of another audience group while still marketing your business. Therefore, podcasts allow you to establish your online authority while receiving verification from a different audience.

 8. Marketing Automation

Digital marketing automation is software, which systematically manages marketing campaign activities such as social media and blog posts, sending emails, and creating web pages. The application of AI Tools in marketing strategy helps businesses focus on other activities.

Investing in SEO tools, A/B testing tools and other advertising tools is essential for businesses in terms of marketing experiences. CRM, CMS and other tools act as a backbone for your Marketing by protecting and managing your data for a seamless marketing experience.

 9. Event Marketing 

You can interact directly with leads and clients with B2B Event Marketing by taking advantage of offline marketing. This strategy is one of the best ways to be considered by businesses. 

There are several ways to conduct event marketing including VIP dinners to connect with C-level executives, signing up for exhibits to generate leads and conferences to establish your presence in the industry increase brand awareness.

 10. Hosting Webinars 

Webinars provide a platform for businesses to generate leads and share knowledge. According to a study conducted by the content marketing institute, 58 percent of marketers use webinars thinking they will be highly significant in the future.

Webinars allow the audience to see what your products can do and are catchy in addressing exciting topics to viewers. To convert leads into customers webinars are considered excellent platforms.

 11. Account-Based Marketing 

Account-based marketing (ABM) uses personalized campaigns in a business marketing strategy by concentrating resources on a set of target accounts within a market. Most of the businesses plan to launch the ABM campaign as it allows specialization.

ABM campaign helps shorten your sales cycle and makes your relationship stronger with existing clients since most of your resources are directed towards their needs.

 12. Leveraging Big Data 

Big data has an impact on many things including businesses. It is changing the way of things along with the marketing process. Leveraging Data helps to increase the quality of your leads by assisting the management in making wise business decisions and improving your customer experience. 

A data analyst helps identify the best marketing strategies that suit your business and find the right channel to reach the right audience.

Marketing strategies sets objectives and confirm the purpose and value of an organization by providing a vision for the future. They help in clarifying threats thereby providing opportunities and set a framework for businesses enabling them to make right decisions.

In Conclusion 

Marketing strategies establish priorities and sets the direction for your organization and is the first component of your business plan. The right marketing strategies are vital in shaping the focus of a company enabling it to establish the right goals and target and enhances business efforts in reaching them.