Optimizing websites according to SEO standards is vital for business growth. The increased usage of digitalized techniques led to the use of online means for knowing the standard of any business. Significantly, the website development incorporating all the SEO guidelines can boost the website ranking to the top of the search results.  

More other significant features lie to gain a better ranking according to the Google Search algorithm. The videos, GIF images, or a short influential talk can make a difference in the website ranking. Most importantly, what matters is the customer's requirement and satisfaction. If the website potential matches customer's needs, then definitely the rank of any website climbs to the top.

Having gained the basic idea, let us initially know bout Google search algorithm, and about its deeper aspects.

Google search algorithm:

Google search algorithm is the formula that Google follows to determine the rank of any website. And various factors contribute to it, including the content quality.

Crawling: Google or any search engine sends some crawlers to identify new or updated content on the web, and the content could take various forms such as text, images, graphics videos, or a PDF file. One main thing to note is the content is identified as links irrespective of the content type.

The choice of your website to be crawled depends on your interest. If you intend not to have your website crawled, you may wish to command the crawlers not to do it.

Indexing: The option to show the results in the search engine depends on the index/no index. Choosing ‘no index’ expresses our choice not to show our websites in the search results. By default, Google indexes every page that is crawled unless no index is defined.

As a next step, Google uses the URLs to analyze the content of each page and stores the information in Google's index. The first two stages are vital, and thus a better focus on incorporating SEO standards is significant.

Ranking: This is a stage when the Google ranking comes in and justifies which content is more relevant for specific keywords. This is also a crucial stage, wherein the Google search algorithm finds its place.

Google search algorithm:

No one knows how the Google search algorithm works except the inner circle of Google. Any exposure of the information to the public might defame the organization's status. Also, the user's experience will not meet the expected standards.

So, SEO and the digital marketing team speculate the ideas based on which they execute the work to attain the top ranking in SERPs. The best solution to know about Google algorithm updates is to pay attention to Google's official announcement keenly. The 2019 announcement has left valuable information about the Google search algorithm. Implementing them in the work flow derives the best results.

Let us know about fewer aspects below :

Query scope: The keywords about a specific topic could be product information or detailed information about the subject. Google understands synonyms and language. From a language perspective, a user could expect the results in the same language or a common language, say English. Know the distinction between the local information about a specific topic or generalized information.

Relevancy: Having understood the scope, the next step is to look at the page's relevancy. Here comes the role of on-page SEO. Google tries to match the keywords typed in the search field. If the keywords match, especially in page titles or headlines, more chances exist for top ranking. Most importantly, not to forget, the keywords content should also be relevant.

Quality: Significantly, the quotes generated during the official announcement in 2019 by Mueller suggest the content quality matters.

User experience: Device compatibility, loading times across various web browsers contribute to user experience.


Google algorithm updates are dynamic, and no one knows when these changes occur as they can significantly influence a website's ranking. Consequently, the existing website rankings might go down, and the other websites could be listed on the top.

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