Keeping a close eye on the public perception of your brand is critical for the health and longevity of your business. There are more ways than ever for your audience to talk about you, but thanks to online brand monitoring, it's never been easier to track your brand mentions and get a complete picture of how people feel about you.

What Is Brand Monitoring & Why It Matters?

Tracking different channels to see where your brand is mentioned is known as brand monitoring. With the increasing demand for social media marketing, Knowing where and how people are talking about your brand will help you understand how they feel about it and provide you with valuable feedback. You can also keep an eye out for potential crises and respond to questions or criticism before things spiral out of hand.

A brand must care about what its target audience thinks. You may not agree with some of the conversations you see about your brand, but it gives you a sense of how people feel about your brand and products. How you respond to public feedback and how you perceive yourself in the public's eyes can have a significant impact on your brand's growth.

Brand monitoring can impact businesses by:

  •  Understanding audience sentiments
  •  Identifying issues and providing scope for improvements
  •  Handling reputation & crisis management
  •  Identifying user-generated content 
  •  Creating two-way communication
  •  Improving social media marketing 

Brands are increasingly relying on social media monitoring to help them find everything relevant to them on social media and better understand the conversations happening about them and their brands. 

Importance Of Brand Monitoring On Twitter 

Twitter accounts for the majority of public brand mentions on social media. The platform is the main battleground for establishing or destroying your social reputation. Giving customer service over Twitter is becoming a necessary part of a brand's social media presence.

Twitter has become the most popular way for customers to seek you out for customer support. Therefore brand monitoring on Twitter is vital for businesses to learn about customers perceptions and improve their social media marketing efforts. It's becoming more important to integrate your customer service teams with your Twitter community.

Effective Brand Monitoring Strategies For Twitter

Here are three lesser-known and influential Twitter monitoring tricks and tips for incorporating into your routine:

  • keep An Eye On Changes In Twitter Bios 

Because there may not be much more space for users/brands to describe themselves, they must make the most of it, and by doing so, you can often gain a better understanding of what matters most to each user.

Reaching out to users and congratulating them on their accomplishments can be a valuable brand tactic when done correctly. You can also take advantage of biomonitoring in:

  • Developing relationships with influencers
  • Obtaining and converting high-profile leads is a difficult task and 
  • Make contacts with niche journalists and news organizations.
  • Monitor Niche Questions 

Because Twitter users prefer scrolling through the feed's quick updates, getting referral traffic from Twitter isn't always easy. 

Monitoring keywords on Twitter and adding a question mark after a space allows brands to curate discussions that include questions about their target topic: you can do this manually on Twitter or with various other social management apps. This type of monitoring also allows businesses to understand about customers' issues better and thus provide them with better service.

  • Keep An Eye On Your Competitors' Dissatisfied Customers

Finally, if you want to learn more about your competition, watch how your target client interacts with them. What gets on their nerves the most?

What features are missing from your product, and how well can you fill them? Is there anything you need to do on your end to avoid similar client complaints in the future?

Competitive monitoring can help you avoid situations where clients become so irritated that they publicly vent their frustrations. You can also learn from your competitors' complaints responses by watching how they deal with them or avoid their mistakes if they do that poorly.


Despite the fact that Twitter monitoring is more than just a simple reputation management strategy, it should always be included in a brand monitoring strategy. Using the Twitter monitoring tips mentioned above, you can engage with people in your niche and improve your outreach tactics.