Account based marketing Strategy

Worthy accounts are valuable, and businesses would strive to maintain their relationship as they are the prominent source to generate value to any organization through sales and loyal relationships.

Of course, the automation tools acts as the added advantage to bring the best of account-based marketing strategy. Let us know about account-based marketing(ABM) and the ABM automation tools to prosper the plan. 

Account-based marketing (ABM)

Account-based marketing focuses on a specific group of accounts with significant growth potential through sales support and tailored marketing. Post-implementation of ABM, the marketing and the sales have seen remarkable growth. Some of the notable changes include the higher conversion rates in the sales funnel, increased web traffic, better ads and quality email performance. 

While you are ready to implement an account-based marketing strategy, it is suggested to go along with the following guidelines :

  • Give a better structure for selecting your account 
  • Develop better coordination between the sales and the marketing team 
  • Use the automation tools 

Let us get to know the brief about each of the above-stated guidelines:

1. Give a better structure for selecting your account 

What holds prominent is to understand the accounts? Both the marketing and the sales team have to nurture the account through customization and support. Target company personas build a better structure for account-based marketing. 

Amongst them, let us look into the key attributes: Demographics, Psychographics, technographics and finally, Lifecycle are the prominent ones. 

These factors serve as the base to know the target accounts better. Now, what source helps best to provide the information. Of course, the role of the CRM tools is notable, and most importantly, the existing customer’s opinion does matter.

2. Coordinate sales and marketing teams:

Account-based marketing strategy more seeks sales and marketing coordination. As the customers seek more and more requirements from the businesses, their coordinated effort will always be fetching to find the right customers and satisfy them. Such an attitude will help build personalized ads more effectively across diversified channels. 

3. Use the technology and tools. 

The technologies and tools built for account-based marketing can truly create success. Their role is key to making account selections with engaging activities. The key features of any account-based marketing software include analytics, monitoring engagement, lead scoring and marketing automation. Defining a short and long term plan is necessary for an account-based marketing strategy.

Account-based marketing automation 

We will go with the significant steps of marketing automation :

Customer profile :

Foremost, one needs to define an ideal customer profile( ICL). The automation tools suggest the appropriate templates for it. Post defining the profile, the information should be used in the ABM software for audience management. 

Target accounts:

Secondly, the target accounts must be defined in the ABM software. To best identify the priority of the accounts, one can define tier1 for those accounts holding greater priority and tier 3 for those accounts having lower prominence. 

CRM and ABM integration 

Automation holds the best place with the ABM software integrating with the CRM. Integration with the CRM helps to know who would be the leads that turn into accounts, and most importantly, calculate the return on investment. 


ABM software helps implement user personalization more effectively. The target content can be designed accordingly with the identical customer profile setup. The generated content must solve customer pain points and any specific problems. The specialized feature is that now you are targeting specific accounts and companies.

Dashboard for assessment

The dashboard is the best place to know how things are working and what is going down. This helps enhance the existing work methodology and adopt refined means. 


Account-based marketing strategy is undoubtedly a fetching idea for business as its focus of attention is more on accounts than individual leads. We have seen the significance of CRM and ABM integration.

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