A web analytics tool is a website traffic measurement tool or a website traffic analyzer that tracks user activity on websites, such as how the user got to the site. Website, pages visited, and actions are taken, such as making a purchase or filling out a form. Furthermore, it enables us to determine the type of audience we are attracting by categorizing them according to gender, age, device, etc.

It's very easy to use these tools because all you have to do is integrate them into your website, and you can start collecting data right away. You can use the data you've collected to create a marketing strategy for your website.

One of the stepping stones to a successful business is a high-performing website. On the other hand, building one frequently necessitates more than just your time and money. As a result, many marketers are putting their faith in web analytics tools.

So, what exactly are these tools?

In simple terms, they help you understand what's going on with your website and uncover crucial information about what's working and what isn't.

These tools can also be used to answer questions about your site visitors, such as:

  •  What are their names?
  •  How did they come across my website?
  •  What were their reactions to my website?
  •  What kind of material do they enjoy?
  •  This type of information can assist you in further optimizing your website.

Every company must keep track of its performance. It doesn't matter if it's about sales, expenses, spreadsheets, or upcoming orders. Tracking is required to determine the business's growth and what changes should be made to scale it up.

Best Web Analytics Tools That Enhances Your Website

Various web analytics tools in the market can assist you in tracking your company's performance. 

The following are a few popular web analytics tools that also help provide useful information on how to improve performance:

  • Google Analytics 

This tool keeps track of website activities like the number of pages per session, bounce rate, and session length. It also looks at how marketing campaigns, products, and content affect people. It is one of the most widely used analytics tools for data analysis. 

When Google Ads is integrated, users can create and review online campaigns by tracking conversions and landing page quality. The tool provides real-time analytics for current site visitors if you're new to web traffic measurement.

  • Clicky

Clicky is one of the most comprehensive tools on the market, monitoring, analyzing, and reacting to website traffic. It shows each individual's visit to the website and what they find interesting. 

Clicky offers real-time information and is free for the first 3000 page views. There is no need to leave the website to launch heatmaps because the widget allows you to do so. Segment, visitor, or page can view heatmaps. The uptime of the website is monitored from seven different locations. If your site goes down, you will be notified via an alert.

  • Woopra

Woopra provides you with real-time visitor statistics, such as which pages are active and where they are on the site. Organizations use this real-time web analytics service to optimize customer life cycles. This is accomplished by providing website visitors and customers with real-time granular behavioural data. 

Trend Reports are a feature of this web analytics tool that assists in identifying key metrics that change over time and attributes that drive performance. Businesses can track product usage based on features, location-based subscription changes, and campaign performance based on the source. You can also engage in live chat with website visitors.


OTRACKER is designed to monitor customer behaviours on a website and other sites. The tool communicates with browsers and provides tables, charts, and graphs results. The process begins with setting goals for the site and the business. 

  • Tracker can also provide detailed information on individual sessions and visitors' activities. The tool provides email reports that contain crucial metrics, such as bounce rate and click rate. It also allows you to create custom reports and export data for analysis.

The data provided by this tool is highly detailed and helpful. You can also create reports by filtering the data by various options, such as the number of visits per page and bounce rate. The AI-based tool helps enhance your digital marketing performance.

  • Kissmetrics 

Kissmetrics is a popular tool that allows clients to track the movement of visitors through their websites. It's a great way to collect data and learn about people's habits. 

Kissmetrics allows you to track the entire customer journey across multiple devices. On the website, you can find drop-off points in the flow. It also provides a visual "Timeline View" of visitor activity. The software comes in two variants: SAAS and E-commerce.


There's a long list of web-based traffic analytics software available. Always use them correctly to stay ahead of your competitors and win business. The bottom line is that no matter which tool you use to track user traffic and behaviour, it's critical to analyze the data you collect as soon as possible and devise a strategy for putting it into action on your website.