Email Marketing

Great subject lines are among the Ten Commandments, especially with higher engagement, and have caused the inbox of consumers, filled with unnecessary updates. There has not been a particular mention of the COVID-19 virus or any specific actions in the email marketing subject line. Before diving in, it is essential to recognize the moment we live and how it affects content, including email subject lines. Let us look into the significant rules that affect email marketing which are:

●      Trust

●      Tone 

●      Context

Let us look into the best practices essential for continuous testing to determine the best approach for your brand.

Consider adding sub-branding: You could always include a product, sub-brand, or newsletter name at the beginning of the subject line. 

  • The length of the content is an important indicator, especially as noted that the period plays a significant role that also affects the recipient’s actions in numerous ways. Did you know that subject lines under 60 characters but more than 70 characters generate the highest response?
  • Shorter subject lines create more excellent open rates, with significantly lower click-to-open rates. The longer the subject lines, the more they can produce a higher click-to-open rate. It is an excellent indicator that your content is relevant and will drive engagement.
  • One of the most advisable techniques that you can use is to include essential information within the first 40-50 characters. It is a great technique that will display on all mobile devices, especially for email clients.

Here are the various steps that you can take to determine the best approach for your brand:

Being More Creative

You can try using emojis and different types of copy and phrasing to create the best kind of content for your business. Avoid being humorous, as people may interpret your messaging in a myriad of different ways. In case your audience is young, you can use slang or savvy language to appeal to them.

Starting Early: 

It is essential not to put off your subject creation line until the last moment. There are various potential subject lines that you can try out to see which works best for your business.

Focusing on One Thing at a Time

Always strive to focus on one thing at a time, as you will avoid getting distracted and overwhelmed with various projects.

Creating a sense of urgency: 

You could always try to instill a sense of urgency among your target audience and readers, to make them perform a specific action.

Personalizing whenever possible

Ensuring your audience’s customized experience is excellent to get the maximum engagement for your readership. 

Avoiding being too Spam

Never make the content spam, and your main goal should be to provide a natural experience for your audience.

Being contextual with your timing

When you create contextual emails with the right subject line, it will improve click-through-rates and open rates. It is because you are addressing a current issue that needs resolving.

Regularly test your features

Always strive to analyze all of your previous email marketing campaigns that you have done in the past. It would be best if you ever tried to identify trends that can help you drive a higher open, click, and conversion rate. 

The analysis is an excellent metric to help you drive what you want to test out while moving forward. Some of the various parameters that you can work with are length, copy style, personality, use of incentives, and product names. In the back of your mind, you could have a general idea of what you hope to achieve to match your audience’s personality. By varying the length, you can improve your overall engagement with the email marketing subject lines.

Final Thoughts: 

These are some of the various tips that you can utilize to get maximum engagement by using email marketing subject lines. We hope you found all of our tips useful and beneficial for the success of your business. In case you were having trouble with your email marketing campaigns, you can try to get better engagement with your results. 

Learning how to engage with your target audience actively is the first step in understanding your customers better. It is also beneficial as you can convert potential leads into full-time paying customers. Engagement can be a tricky thing to understand and execute fully; however, it will prove to give you and your business the best results when done right.  Good luck with all your email marketing campaigns. We wish you the best success for your business!