Businesses organize links for email marketing, office communication, social media etc. As the business keeps growing and reaches out to more audience managing the links becomes tough. So, it is required that companies have to adopt innovative ideas to define an effective Link management system that can analyze, organize and edit and be able to control them with ease.

Link management

Identify a domain name that suits your department. Domain extensions are many, and they can define based on the different departments of your organization. Domain name setup is now easy and can be managed even by the marketing teams.

Importance of Link management

Making use of own domain to built the links is secure and safe. One has control over the links by doing so. However, it is not the case with the links created using the third-party domain. In such a case, we will lose control over the links. Thereby, the emails land up in the spam folder affecting the company’s brand image and the customer’s prospect.

While generating links using self-domain proves to be positive. They help identify the core cause of the issue and find effective solutions; Organizations’ performance can be enhanced through better link management. Using a centralized dashboard helps to access and organize the links with ease.  Assigning a domain name specific to each department of an organization makes things simple and easy.

The dashboard allows to view and share each other’s links which helps not create any extra links. Links can be tagged to organize them well, and even the tags can be colored to tell what type of content it is. Search criteria display the list of available links, and they can be filtered using the tags and the domain parameters.

Using an effective link management tool helps update the links with the latest details and delete the links. In case the links reach the wrong destination, they are corrected.  Customers gain the trust of the companies if their products and services are truly worth it. So, it is essential to maintain a good relationship with them. The company’s reputation should not come down if any link information shared on the web created a negative impact. The company’s brand image can be upheld by deleting the link immediately.           

Short URLs can be generated using the Link management system. OTRIM is one such tool that helps to shorten their links and used in social media. The existing links can also be modified to create a new short link. With just one click on the button, the existing page URL is shortened, and they can be used where you wish to use, and they serve the purpose for a lifetime. So, concerns regarding the breaking of the links will all vanish.         


The consumer market has moved to the online platform. The maximum number of products are purchased, reviewed, researched and bought online now. Every business needs to have the best site possible to ensure that they give the best experience to their customers. It is here that Link management becomes crucial and businesses need to ensure their sites are free of dead links, or broken links. Moreover, the sharing of links is important for social media focused marketing. Hence, adopting an effective link management system protects the company’s brand image, sends secure and safe data on the web, maintains customers’ trust and helps the organizations run in collaboration.