(65,946) Love you Ash and team and global founders. All you asked of us was to be positive while you build ONPASSIVE and when it was ready you would come and get us.

We got you Ash and teamwork in peace and love. We will sing and dance and do our parts. We will study and learn from what you have built for us thus far and have trust in your vision and your ability with help from your team and founders to bring it all into reality take care of yourselves and we will take care of one another.

You have placed a loyal and dedicated leadership council with us and we will listen to what you tell them. We will keep our eyes open and our lips will shout with joy every day as we see what is new.

Each day we will lift one another up in these trying times in the world in various ways for we are here and IN IT TO WIN IT. Keep driving the car while you make it. And we will keep the road clear Peace and love to you and your wonderful family BIG HUGS TOO THE ENTIRE TEAM LOVE AND RESPECT. We will keep the love flowing.

Source: GoFounders Community