Boost Your Online Sales With These E-Commerce Trends

We all have experienced a significant change in various aspects of our lives since the outrage of Covid-19. Our shopping experiences have undergone a major shift as well. The YoY growth of nearly 20% was shown in eCommerce in 2020 worldwide. The pandemic has revealed to us the convenience and ease of online shopping. Ordering online has become a new norm where people prefer buying anything from groceries to electronics online. 

Following are some of the online eCommerce trends that offer a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience to your customers:

Mobile-Ready Websites

Building a mobile-ready website is a prerequisite for setting up your online store, as the majority of your customers visit your site through their mobile devices.  

While you design the website, make sure to make navigation easier, with short menus that are simple to follow. Check the fonts and buttons on both interfaces-desktop and mobile screens to ensure they are the right size on both screens. Moreover, make the interface seamless with easier buying actions, like searching for products, adding items to the shopping cart, and completing the transaction.

Digital Wallets

Digital wallets aren’t only for tap payments in stores. They offer ease with the checkout process for online shopping as well. Payment wallets on the phone such as Google Pay and Apple Pay facilitate users to save their debit and credit card details in the app. Thus, you should provide digital wallets as an express checkout option so that customers can quickly complete the purchase without spending their time entering their payment information and shipping details. This becomes even more important for those customers who are purchasing their mobile devices. 

Besides the ease and convenience, digital wallets also offer security with payments. With all card details are being tokenized, it isn’t easy for fraudsters to access the card information. Thereby, you can ensure safe and secure transactions with these payment options.

O-Wallet from ONPASSIVE is an exclusive digital mobile wallet application designed to give you the utmost ease and security with each transaction.

User Accounts

Once customers save their payment details and shipping information in the customer account, they can use tokenization, which saves their details from the last time they visited your store. It allows customers to check out instantly, without the need of re-entering their details every time they make any purchase. 

But how does this tokenization/one-click payments work? When customers make entry of their payment information on your site and save their information for future references, it doesn’t mean that you are storing any of their information on your own site. In fact, only the authorized bank and the certified payment gateway are allowed to store and access the card details. These details are then converted into unique symbols or tokenized. Thus, the next time the customer visits your online store, it is this tokenized card that gets accessed. As a business entity, you do not have to carry the load of storing customers’ sensitive information. The payment processor securely processes all the transaction information while keeping all card details protected. 

Moreover, user accounts allow you to take follow-up of your customers. You can reach out to them to remind them about their left items in a shopping cart. Or you can also offer a special discount to your regular customers.

Wrapping Up 

While you set up an online store for your business, it is imperative for you to incorporate relevant eCommerce trends to stay ahead in the game. These trends would help you not just to attract customers to your site but also to facilitate them to make a purchase. If you manage to offer an effortless, easy-to-navigate shopping experience with the help of these trends, customers will come back to your site and, more likely, repurchase. Thereby, you can boost your online sales and grow as a business.