brand identity

Creating a strong presence of your company is the most reliable method to stay on the top in the business game. In today’s modern digitally crowded internet world, creating a place for yourself or your company name is challenging, and old-school traditional tactics won’t help a business with that effect as it used to impact earlier.

Many people use the term “Brand” & “Logo” as synonym or alternative of each other; nevertheless, the logo symbolizes any brand, but it’s not entirely a brand. If we look closely, logo creation is the first step to building a powerful brand.

Having an appropriate brand name makes you stand apart in the market and hence, is very important in this competitive world. If any business is planning to build a brand, they need to understand what is a brand identity, and how they can develop one?

What is a brand identity?

A brand identity is all those features of the brand which are visible to the naked eye. It’s the way how any business represents themselves to consumers and the way how the customers can differentiate between two brands. 

If we look thoroughly, brand identity is different from a brand, brand image, and branding, but these words have been getting used as an alternative to each other.

 Brand identity includes many elements to name some:

  • Logo
  • Logo variation
  • Brand colors template
  • Typefaces
  • Typographic handling
  • Personalized style and format
  • Gallery
  • Style guide

Many large-scale companies have a separate department that takes care of the brand identity. Even small-scale business which can’t afford for a different department must try building a brand identity for their business.

In a layman language, a brand identity is the design or color template through which your customers remember your brand.

Why is brand identity so important?

Learning about a few elements of the brand identity will help you understand why it’s important:

Logo the Face of Any Business:

A logo is the essential stage of brand building as the logo is the face of any business, a logo symbolizes to customer’s minds, and it strikes their head with the name of a particular brand whenever they see any image.

Credibility and Trust:

If any business can create a brand identity, this enables that business with a stronger grip in the market. The brands which can build an identity in the market over time boost business credibility directly impacting positively on customer trust rate.

Helps you advertise: 

A brand identity is a kind of template which, whenever gets include with any format of advertisement or marketing strategies, always promotes your brand or identity. A brand that has an identity is capable enough to promote itself on its own through the impression made on the audience.

Companies’ purpose:

Having the business a purpose, and that purpose becomes an identity of a business. Many companies with a mission statement said that the mission statement, later on, turns to be the identity for the business.

Attract the target audience:

Building a brand has two essential parts, one where you attract the target audience second is where you maintain the impact of your brand on the customer by providing the right quality product and service is required.

Therefore, to conclude, if any business is looking forward to building a unique business identification, creating a brand identity is essential for business.

The points mentioned above are essential for brand identification as your customers will recognize your company based on the logo, colors, etc.