While there is no question that we live in a digital age, as a consequence of the pandemic – COVID-19, no one could have predicted the exponential growth of multimedia content, especially video content. Studies show that being forced to remain indoors and practice secure distancing has resulted in a 60% rise in the amount of video content consumed globally. With further reports indicating that video would account for more than 80 % of global internet traffic in 2022, we look forward to a new digital marketing era.

Video’s effectiveness as a means of communicating with clients, sharing content, and delivering a message has never been more relevant. Most marketers now consider video content an essential tool in their marketing strategy. The top 5 reasons why video is the future of digital marketing are listed here.

#1 High recall of the brand with video content

It comes as no surprise in today’s fast-paced world that people, as a time-saving measure, tend to consume bite-sized videos over text-based content. Thanks to its incredibly visual nature, the appeal of video content is further increased, making it easier to remember, contributing to a higher degree of brand recall.

Videos are rapidly gaining prominence as the anchor of every marketing campaign. Most marketers are searching for ways to ensure brand relevance through brand recall and statistics estimating that social videos produce around 1.200 trillion more shares than text-based material.

#2 stronger ranking for SEO with video content

Videos are not only a fantastic way to entertain people and draw their interest; they go a long way to boost the rating of your SEO and website. Video content will increase the brand’s popularity dramatically and drive more web traffic, thus increasing the ranking of your website on distinct search engines. Most search engines have already begun to concentrate on and rank video content (over all other forms of content) higher.

In Google’s case, for example, it has been calculated that if you have a video on the landing page of your brand, you are 50 percent more likely to rank on the top of the search results.

#3 Best Way of Storytelling

As a result, most marketers aim to create video content that humanizes their brand and helps develop long-lasting customer relationships. Videos are a perfect source of entertainment, in addition to helping share a brand story. To see the mass demand for video consumption, one only has to look at TikTok’s meteoric rise, with it becoming one of the most downloaded apps during COVID-19.

Videos encourage one to participate in elaborate storytelling forms that push the limits of creativity, invention, and uniqueness while at the same time telling stories that inspire, teach, and entertain.

#4 Videos Have Enormous Reach,

Using a multitude of platforms, video content is flourishing. With the popularity of Tiktok, IGTV, and even specialized outlets such as LinkedIn launching their ‘stories,’ there is no escape from this medium’s proliferation, the days when video content was mainly found on Youtube. This provides a great opportunity to secure a large voice share through multiple social media platforms and thus engage with a whole younger generation of audiences.

#5 Chances of Going Viral are High

The ability for it to go viral is one of the most significant advantages of using film. They will share it when individuals find a video interesting, humorous, or unforgettable, resulting in more interest, interaction, and exposure on that video, which is a form of good publicity. With over 90 % of people choosing to share mobile videos, this is a useful weapon for any brand that needs to expand its reach.

Video content will play an essential role in going forward with digital marketing, so marketing departments must take the time to start incorporating it in their campaigns if they haven’t already. Ready to begin adding videos to your campaigns for email marketing? Want to know the place of video in marketing? Check out ONPASSIVE digital marketing.