Online Community Building

Online community building plays a crucial role in converting marketing strategies into sales. Customer purchase is a regular activity as people come and go. It will be completely different when your community people love to buy your product because the community’s experience weightage is expressed.

People’s modern lifestyle is turning towards the influence of digitalization by instilling hunger for relatable and authentic interactions that make others like. Online community building enables you to create a unique value for your brand. Community brand building empowers to grow your potential customers by sharing brand experience and feel-good experience of people.

At GoFounders Community, people from 212 countries love to exchange ideas and grow together mutually. Here are 6steps to build your online community through GoFounders.

Step#1: It takes a lot more effort and time to build an online community for your brand, and it creates a long-lasting and authentic connection between your customers and brand. GoFounders community focuses on filling the void in customer lives, thus becoming trusted resources and friends. If you rush to build a community, people will bother to join; hence slow and steady wins the race for better customer engagement.


Step#2: Team building is the core component to build your brand. A well-crafted purpose, clear vision, and right systems to deliver the brand promises are required to build a champion team. 

Step#3: Finding a social cause to extend your customer impact is of paramount concern for the team-building process. For example, if you purchase a product and your company distributes to the needy people from each sale, supporting an online community with your brand becomes highly successful. 

Step #4: You might have seen customer videos being published by some leading brands. What do you think about involving your customers via video? Well, it is undoubtedly the best approach to create customer engagement and enhance the customer experience. Indeed, customers are more likely to show interest in your brand when they find your brand loyal. Creating and promoting customer testimonials and videos is the best way to drive sales.

Leading fashion and e-commerce brands are already leveraging customer testimonials to attract customers to their website. Other than videos, you can also promote posts shared by your customers regarding your products or services. Today’s young generation shows enormous interest in Instagram and Facebook live videos. Therefore, you can make use of a live video feature to promote customer videos.

Step 5: Social media is the best platform for customer engagement. Businesses can use social media to develop their brand presence. An added advantage of using social media channels is that customers can easily share your posts.

Social media now has various new features. Social media’s exciting features make it possible for businesses to develop their brand presence online. Try uploading videos and other content formats on your company’s social media pages.

Step #6: Email marketing can help companies to reach out to their target customers. An advantage of using email is that businesses can send messages to bulk customers instantly. Various email marketing tools allow companies to send multiple emails simultaneously. 


To build a great community around your brand, work closely with the team, invest in social media channels, involve customers via video, and make efficient use of social media. Try various marketing automation tools to automate the processes.