Personal Brand

Fortunately, ‘ME’ is a common word across several languages that means ‘you.’ The meaning gives a similar connotation in multiple languages and, therefore, .me can be milked for personal branding that cuts across various linguistic groups. The domain also broadens the market for your personal branding.

The technology is fast-changing in the current age and changes job roles are quick and don’t provide enough time for you to stand out. Thus, you’ll need a personal branding platform that will make you distinct from the people by having a credible digital footprint when looking for new opportunities. Get your personalized domain, build and grow your personal brand.

In this blog, you will learn:

  • Why do you need personal branding
  • Why .me domain is your base for your digital footprint
  • Why have a personal website
  • How to build a robust personal brand

Let’s begin with each of these questions and see how GoFounders can help develop and grow your personal brand.

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Why do you need Personal Branding:

Right from ancient times, small and local businesses relied heavily on personal branding. The only difference is that they didn’t have the internet to brand themselves. That’s why they used flyers, business cards, and other marketing collateral. Therefore, personal branding is not new for building business. We are just expanding it via the internet.

Thus, think of it as your local business, and you want to attract more customers online.

Why .me Domain is your Base for your Digital Footprint:

To create a personal brand, you need to have a website named after you. That way, you will be located easily on the web when somebody searches for you on the search engine. Having a personal-named website appear in the search result is always good for you to brand yourself. Adding a .me domain instead of .com gives the site a personal touch.

Also, the higher availability of the .me domain gives you the advantage of having your personal name for your website, whereas there is a high possibility that domain name in your name may be taken already for a .com domain.

Why have a Personal Website:

In today’s internet age, a website is like a business card or a nameplate for your business. Not having a nameplate for your business is unthinkable – especially when you’re planning to brand it. Similarly, in the digital milieu, not having a website to promote your products and services is unbelievable. It is the era of branding, and by not having a website for your personal brand, you are limiting your growth potentially limitless.

Also, by having a personal website with your name as its domain name, you are improving the credibility of the content that you have published over the site. Visitors coming to your site are more likely to trust your products or services rather than buying your products or services on a third party site.

How to Build a Robust Brand:

You may be tempted to put out a lot of content on your website to promote your products or services. But don’t let that temptation carry you away. Put our relevant content and keep it concise and apt. Add a mixture of text, image, graphics, and video; that way, your content will be more engaging than bland text.

Here are some of the points for you to build your brand:

  • Add a short bio that depicts your profile or skillsets
  • Keep a section for about me which elaborates your profile and other skillsets
  • Have a portfolio section to display your great works that can attract new customers
  • Put your social media links where you are active and share your work regularly
  • The contact information like your phone no., address, or email, where they reach you easily is  a must

In conclusion, you can utilize GoFounders’, ONPASSIVE AI-backed tool to check domain names under the .me domain. If available, the feature lets you register the domain and have your personal brand website. In addition, GoFounders’ leadership community will help you with branding whenever you face any hurdle on the way. All you have to do is share your problem and ask for help from the leaders who have succeeded in personal branding. GoFounders will exponentially grow your personal brand with a strong leadership network and AI-backed technology.

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