Bulk SMS and Artificial Intelligence

More than 5.1 billion mobile phone user in the world, with new technology and applications, what will be the future of SMS?

SMS has started facing competition in recent few years due to the introduction of the instant messaging platform, i.e. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and SnapChat however SMS messaging platform has proven to be in the first row from past 26 years.

In February 1985, there was Oslo GSM group meeting where Germany and France contributed together in the development of SMS. Richard Jarvis on December 3, 1992, received first SMS message on his Orbitel 901 mobile phone via Vodafone network from Niel Papworth saying “Merry Christmas.”

Bulk SMS And Artificial Intelligence:

In this digital age, marketers from around the globe are finding new techniques to engage the consumer and attracting a new customer. Most of the business presently practices SMS messaging for customer engagement.

Bulk SMS is a way of sending the same information to thousands of people at once. Bulk SMS is also proving to be the most cost-efficient method of communicating with a large number of people than traditional methods, i.e. advertising or Email marketing.

“Artificial Intelligence is making Bulk SMS tool more interactive and marketing more effective.”

Several reports published in 2019 and before forecasted that A2P (Application to Person) SMS marketing is expected to reach the value of $70 billion this year wherein in 2015, it was around $55 billion.

Bulk SMS is one of the fastest-growing services throughout the different domains of business, i.e. Banking or Financial Services, Retail or Marketing, Media or Tourism, and Education or Healthcare.

Few Tips for Bulk SMS:

  • Build Opt-In Customer Database: Customers should always be aware that they will receive messages from your end in future permission-based campaigns to get the best response
  • Trim URL: Use URL trimming if you want to provide any links to subscribers as long URL’s make your content look unprofessional. 
  • Personalise SMS Using Customer Name: Ask the name of your customer while building the database. A name helps you personalise your campaigns. 
  • Precise Content: Create your campaign content by keeping in mind the purpose of the message and always make it short.
  • Change Sender Id: Reach your customer with a sender id of your choice, this way customer is aware when you send him any notification or message.

Benefits of AI in Bulk SMS:

Thanking artificial intelligence which made the Bulk SMS advertising tool interactive and straightforward. Make the best use of the possible activities for your business. Below are few benefits of AI in Bulk SMS marketing:

  • Real-Time Chatbots: Chatbots are among the various creation of AI, which helps in speeding up text messaging. AI chatbots are capable of customer engagement with a large number of customers at a time.
  • Informed-Customers: AI in Bulk SMS also came along with the feature of keeping the customer informed and updated, from placing of order to shipping status, this service makes the customer feel privileged.
  • URL Links: Nowadays, the Bulk SMS services let companies combine URL links and media with text, thereby allowing customer exploration and investigation as per their desire. 
  • Customer Satisfaction: The essential thing any company look forward to is customer retention, AI in Bulk SMS marketing is proven to provide the customer with a better experience which leads to customer satisfaction. “Satisfied customer is a loyal customer.”

Why Is AI-based Bulk SMS Marketing Better?

There is a lot of reason why AI-based Bulk SMS marketing is better and popular. Below are a few reasons why anyone should choose AI-based Bulk SMS marketing:

  • High Open Rate: Open rate of text messages is 98% where Email rate is 23%, and you can track the percentage of delivered and failed messages plus with the service of URL tracking you will also be up-to-date how many subscribers opened the link.
  • Under Subscribers Control: With simple opt-in, opt-out option subscriber can opt-in or opt-out any point of time they want.
  • Send Now Or Schedule Later: It’s a flexible platform which allows you to send a message quickly or schedule for later. You can schedule message up to a year later, i.e. for customer birthday or festivals.
  • Reliable: SMS has existed from past 26 years now and is most dependable because of being only messaging app which is there on every phone unlike like other instant messaging.
  • Conversion Rate: Bulk SMS has a higher conversion rate when compared with other marketing tools. Across all industries, it has a higher rate of 12% and considered a great return.

SMS is growing, from RCS (Rich Communication Service) to progress in AI, SMS has evolved a lot in the last 26 years, transforming the style people and companies communicate and advancing every day with AI. In this article, we covered the journey of SMS from the first message to Bulk SMS to AI-based Bulk SMS marketing. We’ve shared the tips for Bulk SMS and a few benefits and reason why you should choose AI-based Bulk SMS for your business.