22 Sep 2020
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Can Digital Marketing Action Plan Save you in COVID 19 Pandemic

With the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting day-to-day business activities worldwide, it is more important than ever to have a digital marketing action plan. During the time of the pandemic, the entire business system has got a jolt. As a result, the global economy and the customer’s buying persona have got affected!

The Present Scenario of Business during Pandemic

Whatever plan of action, ideas, and strategies that businesses had before the pandemic affected tremendously with this unprecedented health emergency. Many businesses worldwide have to pause their non-essential functions to prevent the spread of this deadly virus effectively. With social distancing being implemented by government authorities, a business worldwide is observing a downfall now. The economic consequence during the time of the pandemic remains unclear.

How can A Proper Digital Marketing Plan Rescue?

During the pandemic, both small and big businesses have suffered tremendously. Now businesses need to have a proper digital marketing action plan to achieve their financial targets before its too late. It has also showcased the value of digital transformation during the pandemic by compelling marketers to switch gears towards digital marketing. At the pandemic, a digital marketing action plan is essential for small and big businesses.

Let us look at the six tips you can implement to create the best digital marketing action plan for your business.

Six Tips for Creating the Digital Marketing Action Plan

#1  Prioritizing Social Media over any Traditional Media

Social Media is definitely at the top of the list while creating a digital marketing action plan. It is the best place and time to engage with your targeted audience effectively. Social Media is an important platform to interact with existing customers during the time of the pandemic to interact with them effectively, as well. As more consumers start staying at home, they will spend their leisure time by browsing online. Hence, it is imperative to re-engage with them during the pandemic and drive them towards your main website. With social media being part of your core digital marketing action plan, it can also drive more potential leads and sales during this crucial time.

#2 optimizing your Ad Campaigns during Pandemic

It is essential to stay calm, collected, focused, and positive as you can during the pandemic. Since the amount of competition has reduced drastically within just a few years, more businesses have been getting a much cheaper CPC (cost-per-click) and reduced cost-per-conversion. During social distancing, the overall number of face-to-face interactions with potential clients has drastically reduced. These cases will likely continue for at least a month, as marketers try to get better results for their businesses during the COVID-19 crisis. Always ensure that your marketing efforts are optimized to get the best results, especially during the pandemic. Thus, optimizing your ad campaigns for calls, ads, and website display is the number one method for customers to reach out to your business. Thus, optimizing ad campaigns is a crucial step in your digital marketing action plan.

#3 Integrating E-Commerce to Your Website

Before the pandemic, many businesses weren’t ready to sell their products on online platforms. However, during the time of the pandemic, it has all changed. Business owners have been forced to face the harsh reality of the situation. Adding E-Commerce to your main website is an essential step in your digital marketing action plan to help you reach out to your ideal customers. If you haven’t integrated E-Commerce to your main website yet, now is the time to do so! E-Commerce websites can achieve at least 50% of their online revenue and are a crucial part of your digital marketing action plan.

#4 Implementing Online Orders and Delivery

Placing online orders and delivery is another crucial step in your digital marketing action plan, especially during the pandemic. It is impossible to ultimately stop spreading a highly contagious virus in a time that is almost exclusively dependent on grocery stores, healthcare workers, and other essential services. By implementing the best marketing strategies in your digital marketing action plan, you can reach out to your target audience and your existing clients for effectively driving more sales to your business.

#5 Updating the Google Business Listing For Your Business

Updating the Google Business Listing for your business is another crucial step in the digital marketing action plan. It is essential to keep your targeted audience and existing members updated and informed about your business’s activities during the pandemic. The first step you can take is to update your Google Business Listing, as it is one of the first places customers will look at while contacting your business. During the pandemic, you need to update your working hours, update whether your office is open or closed, and create posts for your customers on whether you offer delivery and take away.

#6 Working Harder to Rank Higher in the Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization has helped to reach customers in the time of the pandemic when they need it the most. During the economic crisis, it is essential to produce the right sales and leads precisely, especially when connected to your brand. Ranking higher in search engines is an essential aspect of your digital marketing action plan, as it is essential to reach out to your ideal targeted audience. Improving your SEO practices during the time of the pandemic can reap considerable benefits in the future.

Wrapping Up

Creating a digital marketing action plan during the pandemic is the right move for a business. There are many positive and empathetic ways your business can effectively generate revenue in a world where everybody is following social distancing. Adopting a universal approach is the best course of action while approaching your ideal customers.

It is possible to interact with customers through email, social media, SEO, and paid media by employing some of your business’s best marketing tactics. Always be on the lookout to get creative and explore new methods to generate a higher ROI for your business. Thus, the six tips mentioned above are vital steps for you to implement a digital marketing action plan for your business, especially during the pandemic.

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