Case studies

We’ve always been aware that case studies are one of the topmost strategies for B2B content marketing, but research has actually now proved it.

B2B Case studies highlight the success story of one particular client: They make that client’s voice heard whenever possible. When an executive or a leader speaks in support of a solution, their own reputation will directly impact the prospective buyer.

As per a recent survey with over 600 B2B marketing professionals, Case studies topped the results in two categories – the most effective marketing tactic and the most effective content subject to write about.

Why Are Case Studies So Effective?

Today’s B2B customers are self-educated and don’t want businesses to sell to them continuously. Combining case studies to your lead generation mix helps develop trust with buyers as they hear about you from your customer’s voices – not from your marketer’s voice. A hawkeye study found that almost 71% to 77% of B2B buyers view case studies and testimonials as the most powerful types of content.

When buyers conduct online research, they count on peer reviews, B2B case studies, and testimonials. All three of these pieces provide the social proof that your products or services actually deliver results. This proof helps buyers feel confident about making their purchasing decisions.

The more compelling B2B case studies you have, the more you are able to engage in skeptical prospects and reduce sales cycles. A relevant case study can attract a buyer’s interest and urge them to reach out to you earlier. Plus, adding more testimonials and case studies to your website can improve your conversions.

How You Can Use Case Studies

B2B case studies enable you to tell your story from your customer’s end. That is also an excellent way to get your best customers involved with your business and give them credit for all of the remarkable things they are doing.

Here are some areas where you can share your B2B case studies to help you engage more leads and reach a wider audience:

  • Social testimonials
  • Email promotions
  • Blog posts
  • Video content
  • LinkedIn recommendations
  • Event handouts
  • Throughout your website as testimonials
  • SlideShare presentations
  • Stories for your white papers and ebooks

A robust B2B case study needs both, telling a great story backed by supporting it with excellent user experience. Build your content so that your prospects can clearly find what they need, generate headlines that attract their attention, and display your content in a way that’s informative and interesting as well.

Case Study Help You Convert More Leads

Even though B2B case studies are an essential part of your B2B content marketing toolkit, they can be challenging to acquire or execute. B2B case studies are displayed like a narrative – with a challenge, solution, characters, outcomes, and even heroes. This enables B2B decision-makers to analyze and understand a lot of information promptly without having to deep-dive into details better adapted for the subject matter experts.

A compelling and informative B2B case study can portray your solution to the world and expand your reliability among crucial buyers. To make the most of this compelling content, try to have various case studies for each product – addressing to different client needs and categories.