CEO ASH is the Icon of a Genuine and Self-less Human Being

Edward Williams

Today we are one day closer to our big breakthrough.

A Big Thank You, to those who keeps the excitement and the right vibe alive in the community.

Bill Must, Thyron Conrad, and Timm Johnson continue to set the trend here, guys. We need to get some trophies for them.

Let us not forget to pray for our CEO, Sir Ash. He is the Icon of a Genuine and Selfless Human Being.

Edward Williams

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  • Avatar Teri Saunders

    My prayers are being answered throgh your big heart,creative effort,know how and persistance. Thank you my heart is glad.

    7 months ago | 6 September, 2020 11:31 pm Reply
  • Avatar Steve

    Thank you.

    7 months ago | 4 September, 2020 3:36 pm Reply
  • Samuel Opoku sefa Samuel Opoku sefa

    Mark Zuckerberg share a plan for his fellow friends at Harvard few of his friends ignore the idea and vision .some support his plan and vision. Now Mark Zuckerberg and his few friends are the wealthiest person by now. Mr ash mufareh want all the world to be free from financial situation and freedom. Onpassive technology have more than a whole country that ash want to be free from financial situation. Mr ash mufareh and his Tech team are genius for this project. Politicians have taken us for granted for too long. This is time for the vulnerable to get the world liquidity share. We thank ash mufareh for this breakthrough long live onpassive technology

    8 months ago | 28 August, 2020 3:49 pm Reply

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