Google Rankings

As per our understanding, website performance heavily depends on website hosting. The users accessing the internet has drastically increased in the recent past.

A smooth operating web hosting platform helps to maintain excellent search engine rankings. An SEO friendly web hosting platform enables users to access the website effortlessly and improve your search engine rankings in return.

Here we will discuss a few points to keep in mind before changing the website’s host without affecting Google Rankings.

Website Speed:

Choose a web hosting platform in which the website load time is minimum. Google rankings prefer websites with lesser loading time. The website speed decreases with the increase in the number of visitors on the website. The hosting companies offer shared hosting environment that may reduce your website speed.

It is crucial to select the right web- hosting platform, offering you lesser load time. Once the website load time is less, your chances of ranking higher in Google drastically increases.

Be Careful about the Server Location:

One of the essential factors to keep in mind while changing your web hosts is the location of the server that you will be using. For example, if your target audience is in the United States, it is always suggestible to select a server near the United States location.

Google provides search results depending on the geographic location relevance.

Quality Server:

While choosing the web hosting platform for your website, you should be wisely assessing the quality of the server that you are planning to host your website. Make sure that you choose a server that is not overcrowded. The quality of the server affects your Google search engine rankings immensely.

It is essential to research the server thoroughly before deciding on the server to host your website finally.

Website Structure:

A website’s structure is an essential factor for ranking high on the search engines. Incorrect website structure without anything to link one page to another creates an issue for the Google crawlers. An SEO friendly website structure makes it easier for Google bots to understand your webpage and improve your Google rankings.

Hence it is always suggestible to create a duplicate website structure of your original website structure before changing the web hosts.

Create Backup:

It is crucial to create a backup of your actual website before changing your web hosting platform. You can backup your website using plugins and paid or free backup services so that you can revert to your original website in case if anything goes wrong.

Update TTL for DNS Records:

The IP addresses are the address of the server that hosts the website.  The Domain Name Server (DNS) maps the domain names to the IP addresses. Doing this beforehand will direct the search engines and the users towards the new server, facilitating uninterrupted website performance.

Change DNS Records:

Lastly, update the (DNS) records and let the web know about your new server. Though changing the DNS records takes time, in that case, it is suggestible to keep your old server online. DNS records are a vital factor for Google search rankings.

If you follow these steps before changing your hosts, your website SEO will not be hampered at all. It is always suggestible to keep both the servers for at least two to three days for the transition to be smooth.