Chatbots for business

Have you thought about increasing the sales of your e-commerce website? Do you need the latest chatbot ideas for the organic growth of your business? Then you have come to a suitable blog space. Today, you can see that artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots are responsible for increasing the sales of many online businesses. These advanced chatbots with AI technology are outpacing humans in customer service.

Chatbots are instrumental in this fast-paced, technologically evolving society. They were used to engaging the customers, but now they perform many other tasks. In addition to the online websites, chatbots are also integrated into different messaging apps, including Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. 

Is Chatbot a Conversational AI?

An artificial conversational agent is a chatbot. Based on pre-established rules and chatbot scripts, chatbots can carry on an online discussion. They respond to a particular incident by taking a specific action. For instance, chatbots can offer a discount when customers leave their shopping carts empty.

Conversational AI can speak like humans because of its natural language processing technologies. AI that can carry on conversations offers human-like engagement. AI chatbots that have a conversational tone boost the revenue of online enterprises.

Owners of e-commerce websites employ this conversational marketing chatbot method to boost sales and raise consumer knowledge of their brands. Chatbots provide the best illustration of conversational AI.

What are some Chatbot Ideas for Business Growth?

As an e-commerce website owner, you must be aware that it is necessary to encourage customers to buy a product. Chatbots are the AI agents that play the role of virtual assistants answering questions and playing a crucial role in user engagement. Adding a bot persona with a business objective can easily invite potential customers to your website. 

Chatbot applications are diverse and keep expanding each year. Here are some chatbot ideas that can boost your business in 2022. 

1. Customer service chatbots

Using customer service bots is one of the most prevalent uses of this technology. AI chatbots can quickly help customers identify the products they are looking for and provide product descriptions as well in a quick way. Chatbots can efficiently perform a bunch of tasks, including answering FAQs instantly. 

Chatbots use various sales strategies to enhance the customer experience in e-commerce stores. Chatbots use an up-sell strategy to sell different products to customers even if they cannot find their preferred products. These chatbots also use cross-selling strategies, apart from using an up-sell strategy, to encourage the customers to purchase their products. 

2. E-commerce Chatbots

Customers can quickly lose their tracks in the sea of pages of social media channels and crosslinks. These e-commerce bots help the customers in this non-linear shopping platform and streamline their process to enhance the shopping experience. 

Sales bots help you increase revenue and support your sales team. They can automate the sales-related conversations on the websites. There are various e-commerce bots as well in this process.

Then there are production recommendation bots that recommend the customer the product based on their history and preferences. There are also billing bots to streamline the billing and take the burden of the exhausting billing process from the sales team.

Lastly, an order management bot gives the customer information, from delivery requests to tracking orders. This automation can reduce errors and easily pull invoices with the correct numbers. 

3. Lead generation chatbots

These kinds of chatbots will nurture the potential leads for B2B businesses. Lead generation chatbots are not just crucial in increasing sales for a business but also target potential clients and analyze their conversations. They will engage the customers in conversations to nurture them on landing pages. 

Lead generation chatbots will book meetings and even schedule appointments with potential clients. They will redirect to the sales agent for more complex interactions and improve sales and marketing efforts by providing deep insights. 

4. Social media chatbots

There is no better place to engage customers than on social media platforms. And as the name suggests, social media bots function exclusively on social media networks and messaging services. They can easily mimic human conversations and can scale and improve customer engagement.

These AI chatbots can do anything that an average chatbot does. They can not engage a customer in conversation but can update them on pricing or billing details, order statuses, and even send personalized messages to them. 

5. Survey chatbots

Understanding your customers’ feedback and using it to grow organically and improve your online business is essential. Survey chatbots help in the market research of your customers. Deploying chatbots for data collection can be one of the most innovative things to do in a business. The approach behind this is to nestle questions within a chatbot conversation. 

These survey chatbots help you understand your customers in a better way through their feedback. Market research for online businesses is more accessible when a survey form is added to the chatbots. This also enhances the brand image and develops customer-based businesses.

6. Appointment chatbots

Many chatbots are used for scheduling appointments and setting reminders. Appointment bots can efficiently perform secretarial duties and ensure error-free scheduling. Appointment chatbots can be found at many places, whether restaurant reservations or doctor’s visits. 

One of the significant advantages of appointment chatbots is that they can work 24/7. People do not need to wait for business hours to make an appointment. These chatbots can easily schedule an appointment at any time of the day. 

Appointment bots can provide reminders by integrating virtual calendars. They can also auto-detect time zones and adjust time slots accordingly. Some of these chatbots are also programmed to interact in multiple languages, thus, making customer engagement more personal. 

7. Good bot name 

One of the effective ways to engage your customers and interact with them is to create a bot persona. Your bot must understand your business goals to converse and convert your website visitors. 

Many businesses give their bot a human name to create a human personality for them. This helps the customer to feel that they are talking to a real person in a physical store. This provides a real-life experience to your customers. A good chatbot platform with a bot persona and name can give real-life solutions to your customers’ issues. 

Final Thoughts

Online businesses benefit significantly from chatbots since they enhance customer service, give a distinctive customer experience, save time, and boost revenue.

Customers are already willing to spend more money when chatbots are there and are becoming more aware of them. AI chatbots can help your organization thrive by providing quick responses to your consumers, bringing fresh perspectives, and implementing innovative ideas.