Choose Best Business Cards For Your Brand

A formal way of introducing a brand or business to the prospect with a business card is a traditional and most accepted practice.

Business cards remind the company or a person from an organization to the prospect whenever they look at the business card. They are effective objectifying a business idea.

The brand logo, design and words act as the source of information about the company’s process, mission, vision and objectives. There is an entirely different choice in choosing the right Business card for your business, from paper to text format and design to the card’s length. Be sure to select the best because it introduces your business to your customers. Traditionally, getting a unique business cards could be expensive, but there are several other options to get the best designs for your business. There are several options to choose the right card for your business. Continue reading for more information.

Bold and white background and professional look are the attributes of the classic business cards. 

Types business cards

It is a standard form used to create without any creative strategy. The information on the card is preliminary with the company name, logo, address, mail ID, and contact details of the person along with the name of the organization.

Wild Format Business Cards:

Some businesses want to try different types of business cards to grab people’s attention. Maintaining a “Big fold format” will look like a card  but can turn into a small brochure, and some other organizations try to make it very short and cute. These business cards are cute and creative.

Sided Business Cards:

On the business card if the information is on both the sides, then it is sided business card. On one side you have company’s information, and person’s information and, on the other side just a branding logo with a caption. This is a two-sided business card unlike one-sided business cards. Most businesses try to use one side business card instead of two sided one because if the prospect wants to write some notes about our company, there will be a space behind.

Business Cards Based On Orientation:

These business cards are different in shapes like round, triangle, horizontal, vertical, etc. Based on the organizational decisions, they can pick an option that goes with their brand. The vertical business cards make strong statements, especially the creative people like writers, musicians, etc. use such cards.

Horizontal business cards reflect stability, trust and confidence these cards are specially made for finance, real estate and sales.

Profession Based Business Cards:

An independent professional can choose the profession based business card. A professional photographer may have a card that resembles the camera lens or an artist could have a business card that in the shape of easel stand. These profession-specific business cards grab attention and have greater impact in building a strong relationship with the prospect.

Letterpress Business Cards:

The words which we felt on the card with the touch of fingers will be impressive and attractive for business cards. The neatly embossed letters on the business cards should be intelligible and should be disabled friendly. The smooth and thick paper designs will be best suitable for letterpress business cards.

Silk Business Cards:

Cards with smooth finish is commonly used by the businesses. It is also called the versatile business card. It is used in every kind of business, small or big. A beauty parlor or super-market. It’s not limited to creativity; we can include aesthetics on this type of cards by using foil printing and creating memorable impressions based on design around the card.

Duplex Business Cards:

The high-end luxury business cards are made of two pieces of cards stock bonded together. It is a thick card of 40pt thickness. This type of cards are mostly used in Europe, and they signify status symbol. The outstanding feature of duplex cards is they do not have the same colors because they use two faces. These are high-end costly business cards in terms of quality and sturdiness and reliability. They are the best choice for businesses.


The above-mentioned business cards are different choices to opt for different businesses based on their requirements. The ultimate use of these cards is to communicate your business to your prospect and drawing their attention towards your company’s mission, vision and objectives.

Let’s start to explore and connect in the business world effectively with different types of business cards.