E-Commerce has grown drastically for the last ten years. Online sales have increased by more than 15% compared to the previous year and predicted to increase more in future. If you think to start a business and sell products and services, an e-commerce site is a right platform to grow your business and increase sales.

It would cost more if you hire a web developer to start your business, and those costs will impact your business growth. So, consider hiring an existing e-commerce platform which saves your money and time.

Now, there are tons of already developed ecommerce platforms. How would you choose the best platform? The article assists you in selecting the right ecommerce platform, which improves your sales growth.

Quick takeaways:

  • What is ecommerce software?
  • How to choose the right platform to grow your business ahead of competitors?
  • Choosing the right ecommerce software according to the situations makes your process easy and helps you achieve success.

An Ecommerce platform:

An ecommerce platform is a software where you can do online business, no matter small or large. If you have an ecommerce platform, you can easily manage the website, marketing, sales and operations. Consider it as the central hub or home base to your business.

Factors to consider choosing the best ecommerce platform:

Not only development and operating, but you also need to consider some factors for choosing the best e-commerce software to start a business.

1. Whether your vendor has experience or not?

 Make sure you check whether your vendor has an experience and the technical knowledge. Know whether they meet your needs and expectations of your requirements. Also, see whether they have the capability and expertise to work with your industry.

Make sure you do thorough research like case studies, customer reviews and forums. This research helps you know whether your vendor is well equipped to handle more and develop.

2. Pricing:

First, check the price while choosing the best ecommerce platform for your business. You should know what price you are paying whether you have a small business, or already established one, or a motor business is moving online.

There will be a monthly fee for all the platforms. The cost varies depending on your platform. Also, there will be a processing fee which is associated with the platform. Don’t sacrifice that you need for a lower price. Plan wisely and measure the pros and cons and then pick the best budget.

3. Support:

Remember, when anything goes wrong, and then everything goes wrong. Is your vendor going to help you with the necessary support to solve your problems? Choose your vendor who provides 24-hour emergency support. Also check whether the vendor will contact via different channels like email, webchat, and phone.


4. Scalability:

Think whether your ecommerce platform grows with you or not if your business grows. Your ecommerce platform will be like a central hub for your business. If your platform is challenging to scale, then your business growth also goes down.

5. SEO-friendliness:

Your ecommerce site may rank high in search engine results if you have an ecommerce platform with comprehensive SEO features. Here are some principal aspects you should keep in mind while looking for an SEO friendly ecommerce platform.

  • Add your blog to your ecommerce platform.
  • Use your domain name.
  • Make your customers leave reviews and send feedbacks.

6. Integrations:

Integrations and plugins are other factors you should consider for sure. If you think a platform like Shopify, it will have plenty of tools to run your business. Choose plugins which work best for you and will be like a determining factor for your business needs.

7. Mobile Friendliness:

A mobile-friendly platform is must and should to grow your sales. It’s predicted that mobile commerce in Germany, the US and the UK makes a third of all retail ecommerce sales.

8. Security:

Security is an essential aspect to consider. Ecommerce is a digital platform where all your financial transactions take place. Make sure that your ecommerce platform has the necessary security protocols to reduce the problems.


It’s a challenging one who thinks to start a new business. It will be a little scary if you are moving from traditional ways to online. Mainly, you confuse with many options, to begin with. That’s why choosing the best ecommerce software is difficult.

Know what you need to grow your business and how can you adopt with the trends. Plan well to create a process which works and scale with your business. Choosing the right ecommerce software according to the situations makes your process easy and helps you achieve success.