Choosing the Right Photos For Your Website &Online Brand

Business promotional efforts prove fruitful if the products and services gain user applause. For this, one needs to incorporate influential content. Using the right images that promote the business ideas, opinions and perspectives act as the key to the source material rich in theoretical and practical knowledge.

One might have put great efforts to develop the product information and its advantages. This might go unnoticed if the user does not feel like going into the details of any subject. So, what has to be adopted to make it more interesting? Incorporating images in our web design stands as one good answer.

Live, attractive and apt images significantly influence the audience. They act as a gateway to get into the details of any subject. So, any business trying to gain user attention and engagement is recommended to imbibe the right images into their website or any promotion activities.

Having got a basic idea about the role of the images for any business promotion, let us know the benefits of using images in Marketing.

Benefits of Using Images in Marketing

Gain user’s interest: Let us suppose we have come across two pages. One with orderly placed apt and attractive images, and another one with plain content. Which one would you choose to read? It is, of course, the page having images. What more does a business expect from the user. It is the user attention, right? So, this one reason explains the benefits of using images in Marketing.

To market a product, stating the product description sounds good. Adding the product image sounds great. Taking one step ahead and adding more images detailing its functionalities, its advantages remain outstanding. No user would turn away without seeing into the subject. Such is the way it can influence.

Be ranked the top: Images have an important role for websites to be listed in Google’s top rankings. Along with the content quality, including worthy images helps attain a quality ranking for the websites.

Images retain memory: Generally speaking, an image creates more memory and stays with us for a longer time. Next time when we seek information about any related topic, we tend to go to the same website or page.

Increase sales: Sales are significant for business growth. To increase your sales, one best option is to align captivating images to the content, which tunes the user’s interest to sales details and eventually leads to sales.

Best communication means: Users prefer to go through an image as it communicates information with a single sight. If the image can convey the same information as detailed in a paragraph, it is worth using. So, wherever possible, try to imbibe images instead of text.

Importance of Images in Web Design

User friendly: Blogs and article should convey the topic information clearly and broadly, interestingly and understandably to the user. Sometimes, images role is predominant. If an image can convey the writeups, don’t you think it is fetching. Absolutely, yes. Using them gives a user-friendly experience.

Engaging: User engagement plays a crucial role in determining the quality of your website. The extent to which the user spends on the website determines its productivity and efficiency. Amongst the factors considered by Google to determine the website ranking, user engagement is an influential factor. If the websites have compelling images, then it is sure to have a good ranking.

Searchable: If the user intends to derive images from Google’s search, the search page shows original images in the top listing. So, using original images in web design improves your quality ranking.


With the knowledge gained about using the right images in your website, don’t you think taking the help of tools that help create attractive images would benefit you? No doubt, the tools enhance the user experience and automate the workflow. ONPASSIVE’s O-Capture is a tool built to capture images and videos and enhance them using appealing taglines.