Stefan Ozsvath

Hello Founder Family,

Glorious Sunday Morning to you,

We are loading nonstop more strength in numbers.

Our records show @ 158,795+ founders, growing steadily. ONPASSIVE is on fire.

Getting ready to crush all previous records set by other corporations before us

Being a founder, it shows that our intuition was strong, making a wise decision back when we joined.

Inviting new founders, we are getting some outstanding talent from each individual and benefitting everyone in the process.

More Brain Power = More Master Mind Power.

I just used Ken Russo’s invitation email this morning that he kindly shared with us, and I am getting replies thanking me for it.

Hope that a few of them have enough business acumen to get on board. A warm welcome to new founders!

Congratulations, you made a wise decision indeed to join our winning journey.

We are glad to see you here.

I am proud to be one of you.

Thanks a million to our CEO Mr. Ash Mufareh by transforming his initial dream into a GOAL.

Never give up through thick and thin forging ahead with positivity, enthusiasm, and love.

He built ONPASSIVE with a strong foundation and an outstanding structure with products and services creating history in the making, and he has done it all putting his heart and life into it with an unselfish act of love.

He was God sent indeed with his divine design.

We need to show gratitude, trustfulness, and respect for all he has done so far.

Just a matter of time before, we will witness history at launching to the public.

He said it repeatedly,

Only God could stop ONPASSIVE, no one else.

“It is a done deal.”

We are all in it to win it.