100% Connected by Love and Integrity with ONPASSIVE

Hello there everyone!! Greetings to Sir Ash Mufareh and his Team of geniuses… Greetings to all the new GoFounders!

Knowing that we are 100% connected by love and integrity on this platform and this community, it is my best place to come to everyday to learn some words of wisdom and to be inspired.

As i look forward to the next couple of weeks and from what we all heard on the last webinar from our Founder and CEO, it is no secret that we are now stepping into a new zone with ONPASSIVE and GoFounders. I am now even more confident to say that from the week of 20th July and onwards, we shall start seeing fireworks as the Beast will begin its longest awaited flight over the Atantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean around the world. Please lace up your boots tight enough and fasten your flying jacket to RIDE the BEAST… If you blink, you will fall off….. Don’t.

I AM READY and IN IT TO WIN IT 100% X 100%