Content holds a primary position regarding reaching the business information to the public. The primary impact any person holds about the services of any organization is content. 

What is this content operations framework we are talking about? 

Content operations framework mainly focuses on defining, organizing and refining the existing content strategies of any business. It studies the responsible people for content creation, the best processes available, how to measure it, and finally, how to showcase the content. 

This demonstrates the people's role, processes including the tools and technologies used for developing a content strategy in a planned manner and managing it systematically. 

Content operations framework 

The first and foremost step towards developing a content operations framework is to study the existing standards about your content. The UI/UX marketing teams are the key teams within an organization that go through the content. 

 Sometimes the content marketing does not align with the content strategy, or the system could turn more responsive or could be more tactical. Content strategy should find its place in the beginning for the content to turn out well in the later stages. Also, one needs to identify what the broad term content includes as various types are included in it.

Framework elements:

The content framework will differ with organizations based on the target audience, the current maturity level of the content, essentials and significantly, the understanding level. 

The common elements of the framework include the following:

  • The key content terms
  • Goals, structure and operation model
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Key Performance Indicators(KPIs)
  • Resources, tools and technologies
  • Guidelines for growth

Significance of content operations framework for B2B businesses

Content operations framework is the significant need of any business to support people who are into developing content and maintaining it. This approach serves businesses who often complain about the lack of technology to create and manage content properly, lack of coordinated efforts, complaints of one team upon another, or often we hear complaints about lack of proper leadership. 

These complaints can be effectively dealt with by defining a proper content operations framework that helps define a matured content strategy model. Consequently, marketing businesses products and services find a greater reach and are more successful. 

Why does any business need a content operations framework?

Assess the content purpose: 

Assess what the content is and why any business needs it. With repeated experiences, one can know why any business needs it. Each time you answer why the answer turns more clear and confident year after year. 

Content goal:

The result of a creative team will result in defining a goal. What could it be? Is it to attract customers, build a lifetime relationship with them, or build a quality team for your organization? 

Answering these questions quite clearly will help define the content goal. 

Determine the success 

Once the goal is defined, it is high time that you get along with the paths to derive success. Did you all hear about what is the content asset? If not, it is time you know about it. It is a piece of content that holds value to the organization and contributes to profit. At the same time, one needs to measure its performance. How to do it is an immediate question? The answer lies with OKR(Objectives and Key Results).

OKR helps identify the objectives of an organization and establishes some checkpoints that realize those objectives. 


Apart from the system's functioning, the key lies in the system's governance. The governance team mainly comprises the key representatives of the departments that deal with the content.

Define efficient workflow

Content development mainly includes the content request, later comes the stage when you develop it, showcase it for necessity, store it and assess the performance levels. 

Tools and technologies:

Tools play a significant part to automate the redundant process. The best CRM tools help find the right leads for any business. 

Conclusion :

Content development needs a proper strategy to gain public attention. The efforts prove fruitful by choosing the right content operations framework.

When it comes to choosing the right leads for one's business, the role of tools and technologies is impressive. Studying the existing trends of the market and the customers' expectations is the key to coming up with compelling content. That is what ONPASSIVE's O-Desk ( erstwhile O-Lead ), does for any business.