Content with artificial intelligence

Making content profitable is a challenge that content marketers always face. Everyday brands generate a lot of content. They distribute unique content across various channels such as email, blogs, webpages, social media, marketing campaigns. The list is endless.

The challenge only compounds when the brand or a company has to manage a team of supporting content equipped with crude tools. To top it all, brands must put forth ROI (time and money) for content marketing using data from multiple unassembled systems.

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AI to the rescue:

Now, how do you cater to a consumer who expects hyper-personalized content at every stage of the buyer’s journey? Enter Artificial Intelligence. Trust AI to churn out the profitability of your content, be it in scales, increased efficiency, or more money. Yes, you read it right. Artificial Intelligence in content is capable of doing it all.

AI increase Efficiency, Performance, and Revenue:

The adoption of artificial intelligence in content is at full steam. Content marketers facing pressure to produce high-performing campaigns faster than ever are swaying towards AI, resulting in rapid deployment of AI in content. It is easier for content marketers to understand sales cycles better, correlating their strategies and spending to sales results, all thanks to artificial intelligence.

Since artificial Intelligence operates with agility and capability, no human can comprehend, it solves problems that humans cannot. No wonder AI has been roped in to make marketing more data-driven, efficient, and personalized.

Ways in which AI is helping content marketers:

  1. Faster content: AI can create more content than humans without surrendering competency. Natural Language Generation (NLG) tool can accurately write data-driven content with little or no human intervention, automatically.
  2. Better content: AI is learning by example, and it follows you best. When you feed large data sets, it will instantly learn your brand or business’s standards. AI churns out better content with fewer or no errors in the bargain.
  3. Assess content Performance: As mentioned in the earlier point, AI can analyze large sets of data and helps you improve your content marketing, which it learns from the data.

All these features make AI a high-performing, highly personalized content at scale that moves contacts through the buyer’s journey and towards purchase.

It is an excellent opportunity for content marketers who rely on content to drive their businesses.

After establishing the fact, the future is bright with artificial intelligence, its time to conclude. AI can give you that competitive advantage, providing content marketers the capability to brainstorm, conceive, advance, and optimize content. It is high time content marketers start making AI a specific feature in marketing strategies.

Content with AI is a clear winner, and its practitioners, content leaders, and influencers are seeking to drive the next frontier of content marketing transformation within their businesses or organizations. With this very thing in mind, ONPASSIVE’s AI tool will help marketing leaders truly understand artificial intelligence in content, educate your teams, garner executive support, pilot priority AI use cases, and devise a near-term master plan for successfully scaling AI in content.

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