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Today’s modern customers demand real-time responses to their queries. As such, brands are looking to implement AI-driven marketing tools. It is where conversational marketing comes into play. Conversational marketing takes personalization to a whole new level.

Today, let’s explore the most compelling conversational marketing strategies.

Different Ways to Leverage AI-Driven Conversational Marketing

#1: Use Chatbots 24×7

The best example of AI-driven conversational marketing is the advent of the chatbot. This new technology can make customers feel that they are chatting with a real person. Chatbot functions based on the data fed into them. Traditionally, it worked entirely like a machine and could not

address complex business issues. However, it is not the same anymore. The most modern improvements have made it feasible for chatbots to address complex customer queries. It eventually has helped businesses to deliver personalized experiences to their customers.

#2: Increase On-Site Engagement and Conversions

By using AI-driven marketing tools, such as chatbot, businesses can increase on-site engagement and conversions. Modern customers find time to do their shopping and purchases during any time of the day. Consequently, many brands lose customers due to their lack of ability to provide support 24×7. By providing support throughout the day, brands can increase customer engagement and direct visitors to take necessary actions.

#3: Use AI as a Product Finder

As the market is spoilt with new products and services, customers face challenges finding the best products and services based on their requirements. Therefore, when customers visit your website to enquire about a new product or service, you can guide them to the right product using an AI-driven conversational marketing tool, such as a chatbot. With a conversational marketing tool, brands can guide customers to the right product and enhance the customer experience. 

#4: Give Automated Conversations a Human Touch

When a customer visits a website to check for a new product or service, a conversational marketing tool, such as a chatbot, can begin a new conversation. AI assistants can enquire whether the customer needs some help in product selection or wants to know more details of the product. It will make customers feel a human touch and enhance customer experience and satisfaction.

#5: Respond to Inbound Messages

Other than using an artificial intelligence-powered chatbot on websites, you can leverage AI chatbot in social media. Being one of the best customer engagement websites- social media can help businesses stay connected with their loyal customers. The chatbot can be implemented in Facebook messenger and other similar applications. It will subsequently help businesses in following up with prospects and driving higher conversions.

Wrapping Up

We all are aware that artificial intelligence has multiple applications in the world of marketing. AI technology enables conversational marketing. Brands can use the chatbot to engage with customers. Besides, brands can engage with customers via text-based conversations.