Core Habits

I’ve noticed 4 particular patterns, habits if you will, that have emerged time and time again.
These 4 habits can be implemented by anyone and can be implemented right away. It just takes a little motivation and dedication.

Habit #1: Feed The Mind
Wealthy people are not only conscious of what they put into their body, but they are even more conscious about what they put into their mind.
In our society, there is so much “junk food” for the mind. Wealthy people avoid this as much as possible and stimulate their minds with positive and uplifting content.

Habit #2: Always Be Productive
I know what you might be thinking…
No one can be productive all the time. So let me clarify. By productive, I don’t mean that they are always doing something to build wealth.
Productive in this context means that they are achieving something that is important to THEM. For example, spending quality time with your family is usually considered productive.
Even watching TV *can* be productive under certain circumstances, though it normally isn’t.

Habit #3: Keeping an Open Mind
Wealthy people got wealthy because they understand that they don’t know everything, and are open to the fact that their prior held beliefs and understandings could be wrong.
In being flexible and open-minded, wealthy people are able to adapt to changing circumstances, allowing them to make the most of new opportunities.

Habit #4: Always Looking To Learn
When searching for a pattern, I noticed that some wealthy people love to read, some don’t. Some love to watch training videos, some don’t. But there was one thing they had in common…
A thirst for knowledge!
Wealthy people love to learn. Whether it’s reading, watching videos or talking to mentors, they take every opportunity they can to further their knowledge.