Corporate Innovation

Everybody and every corporate strive to be as innovative as possible, right? Wait, So what is Innovation?  And how do you have a conversation about innovation and make everyone interested in it enough to speak about the same problem?  We have seen companies big and small bringing business, technology, and experience together to help solve business problems using tools and techniques.

We start by asking the essential question.

What is Innovation?

Innovation is the outcome of the problem we want to solve for, to put it in simple terms. Every innovation requires experimentation, and for that to happen, data needs to be gathered. But then, for companies of scale, there is no shortage of data, but analyzing, organizing, and making it actionable is.

Change or innovation is possible in a company when its communication channels are transparent. Conveying the application of the gist of the data that you have extracted is the real deal here. Once this is in place, you have the technology piece of innovation. After all, it takes technology to create new offerings.

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Creating Innovative Solutions:

For a corporate innovation to happen, start with a business outcome, you are looking to achieve and reverse engineer or work backward. In this context, the business outcome you are trying to reach could be operational efficiencies or increase your brand engagement. You could reach it either with a cultural change, process change, a change in technology, or a change in the business model. Pinpoint on the nature of the change you want to incorporate and then open the floor for ideas.

Identify ways and areas that could impact the issue you are solving and align it around the business outcomes that you crave for, and create a consistent definition of success. Revolve your innovation around questions such as

  • What are you trying to achieve?
  • Who are your users?
  •  What is your vision?
  • What is your brand?
  • How do you define success?

Now its time to figure out the accelerators in the market such as trends, technology, and partners that could alter the environment. Innovation has to have three things.

  1. Measurable
  2. Differentiated
  3. Impactful

Companies’ innovation triggers & challenges:

It is very critical of companies’ to identify KPIs and then work around them and then take it forward from them. Companies need to define their crucial success parameters.

Once identified, aligning those parameters with its own business is essential. Then comes another vital thing. How will innovation impact the company’s revenue?  And then it is the operational efficiency like how can the cost savings that you might have brought, be invested in something else. Can the company improve customer engagement? You could enhance corporate innovations to a greater extent by employing ONPASSIVE’s smart business tools in your business. The comprehensive artificial intelligence-enabled ONPASSIVE ecosystem is a capable business solution for any corporate and individuals to solve various business problems.

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