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In this article, we will be looking into understanding how you can reclaim your creative confidence with the help of GoFounders. Most people are born creative and growing up as children, we usually revel in imaginary play and ask strange, bizarre, and outlandish questions. Our other past times include drawing scribbles and interpreting them as dinosaurs. However, due to socialization and formal education, a majority of us start to inhibit those impulses due to the fear of being ostracized.

We learn to be more cautious and analytical. The world seems to divide into “creatives” and “noncreative,” and too many people consciously or unconsciously resign themselves to the latter category. According to a recent IBM survey of chief executives around the world, it’s one of the most sought-after traits in leaders today.

What are the five ways you can work on getting your creative confidence today?

You can work up the confidence to tackle the big fears that hold most of us back by starting small. Here are a few ways to get comfortable with venturing into the messy unknown.

1. Being present in online forums

Listen in as potential customers share information, air grievances, and ask questions – it’s the virtual equivalent of hanging around a popular cafe. You’re not looking for evaluations of features or cost; you’re searching for clues about their concerns and desires.

2. Testing out your own company’s customer service line

Walkthrough the experience as if you were a customer, noting how your problem is handled and how you’re feeling along the way. You can easily test out your own company’s customer service line as well.

3. Seeking out an expert

What does the receptionist in your building know about your firm’s customer experience? If you use a car service for work travel, what insights do the drivers have about your firm? If you’re in healthcare, talk to a medical assistant, not a doctor. If you make a physical product, ask a repair person to tell you about common failure areas. You must be able to seek out an expert for certain areas that you may be having trouble in.

4. Acting like a spy

Acting as a spy can help to reclaim your creative confidence more effectively than ever. You can follow certain practices such as pretending to read while you observe. Watch as if you were a kid, trying to understand what is going on. How are people interacting with your offering? What can you glean from their body language?

5. Casually interview a customer or potential customer

Write down a few open-ended questions about your product or service. Go to a place where your customers tend to gather, find someone you’d be comfortable approaching, and say you’d like to ask a few questions. No problem, just try someone else. Eventually, you’ll find someone who’s dying to talk to you. Press for more detail with every question.


In conclusion, these are the ways you can successfully reclaim your creative confidence in the following ways. We hope you found this article informative, in understanding the major ways to be able to successfully reclaim your creative confidence. We wish you the best of luck in being able to reclaim your creative confidence today.

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