creative marketing ideas

With the changes in traditional advertising marketing campaigns, it is better to utilize new marketing ideas in the business to grow and draw more audience your way. One of the easiest and efficient ways to achieve this is to make use of your customers and followers in your marketing efforts. This will only strengthen the audience base and help you grow more. 

It is observed that certain user-generated elements in marketing campaigns are more efficient when you show how your product, your service or business is benefiting people, and eventually, your message hits people right where it has to. When stories, great reviews, and kind words come from the heart of the customers it will be more efficient than any other traditional advertising campaign. 

Here are a few creative marketing ideas to drive more customers and followers your way:

By turning Your Branded Customers into Celebrities

Your customers are happy when they feel they’re being noticed and appreciated for doing their part in helping your business grow. Look for new ways to shine the spotlight on worthy customers. Customer testimonials are incredibly helpful and valuable; make use of this to give a platform for your customers to share their experience. Make content videos to get more organic traffic your way, this must include how certain customers have helped in growing your business and how did it impact you.

By Hosting a Giveaway or Contest

Who doesn’t like a giveaway or to participate in a contest? Contest and giveaway are the most efficient ways to keep the customers involved. Giveaways are prizes given out to potential customers for completing a certain task. These marketing ideas will help you in keeping the customers engaged and happy by giving them something from your side. These contests can be anywhere, online or at an event. Gain a certain amount of exposure and attract new customers to take part in the contest too.

By Leveraging Your Customer’s Stories

The best assets to bring a story to life are your customers. Try to humanize your product and build an engaged community. Customers are hesitant to make time for your business fearing that it would take a lot of time and usually find it boring. It is advised to make use of an internal journalist to get the stories of the customers and leverage it to your campaign materials, from sales to PR. If you are a GoFounders member, this will help your followers to understand your business from another perspective and you will draw their attention your way.

These creative marketing ideas will help you bring more customers and followers to your business. Implementing these strategies in one of your marketing campaigns builds your audience base and you can reach out to more customers.