Customer Acquisition

New customers and consistent sales are the cornerstones of any business. It is practically unthinkable having a company that lacks these both.  It is, therefore, safe to assume that any paying customer is the right customer. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

If you own a business or if you have been an entrepreneur, you would have possibly regretted onboarding customers who are critical and picky, always complaining, derailing your focus, and taking up much of your precious time and resource. If you want your business to tread the growth trajectory, we suggest you not to take on just any clients, but to build a customer base with ideal clients through a model customer acquisition program.

Clients who do Business a Pleasure:

For any kind of company that you could be building, having to work with an ideal target client makes the work feel fun and effortless. You will be raring to go, be it the customer calls, or anything associated with your clients or customers. Eventually, it is your business that will flourish since you will be spending your time and resources doing what brings you a sense of achievement.

Ideal clients are supportive, understand the value of what you offer, and are willing to pay more. Now, customer acquisition is a challenge in itself. For you to fill your business with ideal customers requires some clarity on your part.  Firstly, identify who your perfect client is and have a clear understanding of what makes them the right fit for your business.

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A Different Path to Customer Acquisition:

A peculiar trend is on the rise now where entrepreneurs or business owners are looking to get products or services for low prices. With the increase in many freelancer platforms offering content, many entrepreneurs think they can get products and services to build their business for cheap. You got it all wrong if you bank on this method.

An entrepreneur’s goal should be to reach potential customers that understand the value of what you provide. You ought to be targeting unaware customers. If people do not understand the importance of investing back into what they are building, they are not your ideal customer base. A client asking the question ‘how much will it cost?’ at the outset of your meeting is certainly not your ideal customer.

Stop Trailing Clients who don’t get it:

Any customer who thinks that Return on Investment (ROI) is the money they can get back by working with you is not worth your attention. Instead, target customers who are aware of what you do and why it is valuable. If the clients are receptive to the solution and awareness you have created amongst them, you are reaching the ideal type of client.

Creating Awareness:

It is through the content you publish on social media, blog, email list, media appearances, and by showing up in your local community that you can create awareness. It also is the best nurture marketing possible at any given circumstance. By this, you are adding value, building trust, and showing expertise in that bring customers to you rather than you chasing them.

Clarity is Everything:

Begin your homework by pinpointing who your ideal target customer is. Customer acquisition is the most important thing.

Points to Ponder:

  • Who the customers are
  • What do the customers do
  • What are the pain points of the clients
  • Where the customers do business
  • Where the customers spend time online
  • How the customers speak

Armed with this kind of clarity, you can chart out a strategy to reach your perfect client base. Research right, and it will show you the way to find your ideal customers. Eventually, building a business is more than the sales numbers. Build a business you relate to, enjoy, and onboard those clients who also reciprocate to your thoughts and ideas.

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