Businesses build products and services, and for them to gain user attention, proper marketing strategies have to be implemented. Customer life cycle marketing is about implementing marketing strategies to turn a user into a loyal customer.

Before implementing marketing activities choosing the right audience matter as it can save and efforts of marketing, and also the marketing activities stay focused. Thus, the resultant outcome proves efficient.

Some of the significant marketing activities of the customer life cycle include the following:

1. Email Marketing: One best way to connect with the audience is through emails. Sending emails with effective content counts. Significantly, including personalization in the subject line can improve the click-through rates.

The email content should enable the user to get into the details. It could include some short video, speech or a GIF image. Additionally, adding links in the content could lead the user to the business website page or end up at the landing pages. 

2. Digital Ads: Digital ads can be promoted using digital platforms such as social media and websites. The usage of the internet has increased multiple folds. So, digital ads are gaining attention to the maximum. Market analysis helps post the digital ads at the right time. Creativity adds to it will hit the user’s view. 

A generalized way of posting the ads may not work as all the users might not require the same thing. Personalization will build relevancy for the targeted audience.

3. Social Media: Social media platform rose as the best-ever platform that gained worldwide recognition regarding usage and how things get promoted quickly. Information soon turns viral on social media. 

So, the best social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are regularly used by the audience. Any update about the business is noticed immediately, and soon the information is sent across family and friends if found interested. These platforms serve as an effective source for posting some influential talk by which people get attracted. 

4. Traditional communication: Phone calls are, of course, the direct means of knowing any business updates. Communicating with the interested business seekers through direct phone calls would be fetching as each other’s ideas and opinions can be best heard, resulting in more clarity. At the same time, it is significant to respect the users’ view concerning whether they would like to be called directly or not. Otherwise, a negative outcome would result instead of the expected positive results. 

ONPASSIVE’s O-Desk ( erstwhile O-Lead ) serves the base for Customer life cycle marketing 

Customer relationship management is significant to build active sales. Digital tools have paved the way to ease customer relationships. The CRM tools have enabled us to study the current market trends and user expectations, gain personalizations, and the communication required to engage the audience. Significantly, targeting the right audience is of foremost prominent. CRM tools help achieve it. 

O-Desk helps build quality customer data and maximizes the chance of any business market presence. The tools play a crucial role to provide the analytics required to understand the behaviour of the customer. 

Every relationship with the customer can be tracked easily with O-Desk. The tool plays the best part to analyze the data for its relevancy and accuracy. Thereby, it helps determine the appropriate marketing strategies for better customer understanding.

The AI-powered tool, O-Desk, can work to establish contact with customers intelligently. The sentiment analysis of the tool can understand the intent of the conversation. 


Every business wishes to build a brand presence in the market. For this, connecting with the customers interestingly is significant. So, primarily choose the right audience, and explore the various marketing strategies for implementation.

Built to act as a foundation for customer life cycle marketing, O-Desk helps to grow the business reputation and sales.