Must-know Details About IoT Customer Service

Organizations are on the path to attain superior customer service, and some have already achieved it. 

Their innovation has led to many creative customer models, and technology is vital to attain those models. Also, they have defined a different culture to embrace customer service. Consequently, many organizations have been known by the public for the services they are providing.

With IoT setting in, challenges lie ahead of the companies by the way they are coming up the effective customer service. Products are turning smarter. So, is the need to turn customer service the same. IoT is not just limited to connecting devices to the users but more to delivering integrated platforms backed by big data to provide automated customer services. 

Intelligent IoT Customer Service

We happened to remember the good old days when customer interaction was face to face. Later technological advancement has shifted the change to telephonic conversations and paved the path for customer support centers. 

Call centers cost has grown, leading to the development of IVR to act as a self-service. While cost optimizations have resulted in outsourcing call center activities. Consequently, communication problems arose due to the inability to communicate in different languages. Thus, the results have proved frustrating.

Gradually customer experience was turning not up to the expected level. But now, in the IoT era, things are putting up better to experience refined customer experience. 

What customers wish to have?

It is the emotional experience that matter for the customers while dealing with them. What customers wish is to gain engagement, pay attention to what they are saying, and solve issues on time. Though self-services has been the people’s liking, at the same time, when needed, they wish to engage with the business brand, connect with people, want to express their grievances and get their issues solved on time. Live video chat is the current trend that is likely to generate a more innovative customer service experience.

IoT’s role for customer service:

The current phase is that IoT and customer service are interlinked. Organizations are on the way to find resolutions to the problems with minimum human intervention. Thereby, the requirements of the customers are well anticipated. 

Thus, it enables faster decisions, accomplishes work at lower costs, performs personalized behaviour. Making available smart products and devices generates a superior experience builds loyalty and generates new customers. 

Intelligent automation:

Smart products are finding a different path in the way they are built are served. Predictive analysis will enable customer experience much beyond the basic automation. For instance, consider a smart printer. Usually, in cases when the toner is about to complete, you need to order it. The smart printer is fast enough to order it beforehand and gives you the information that your toner is ordered and will arrive in 2 days. 

A refined customer experience through IoT

The systems are well designed to deal with customers more innovatively and collect their feedback. Though the interaction turns to be virtual, customers get better services from organizations. At the same time, organizations come to know about more personalized ways to strengthen the customer relationship. 

Coverage :

Identify the efficiency of IoT applications, and determine the count of devices required for it. Perhaps, the devices travel from one location to another. So lies the need to choose the devices location. 

Selecting SIM:

Depending on the IoT applications, one needs to choose the SIM type. First, decide whether the sim would stay in one place or travel across boundaries. In case if it is expected to remain within the boundaries, one carrier profile sim is recommended. Otherwise, two carrier profile sims can be used. At the same time, it is necessary to study cost-effective charges.

Transmission :

This step is necessary to check the network reliability, signal range, and data delivery to IoT applications. You also need to determine how often the data is transmitted. Hence look at the means that increases data efficiency. 


Customer service is turning more intelligent with IoT. AI-backed technology will enhance the performance of IoT applications. 

ONPASSIVE AI technology is making it move rapidly concerning the wide range of products it delivers to the users. O-Chat is the AI chatbot for refined customer support. Optimizing the product will establish a close customer relationship