Customer Success Metrics are the key indicators of SaaS companies to know the status of the company and the way in which it is heading towards. To keep your customers happy and returning for more, you need to build meaningful relationships and track progress. A successful subscription-based business is to create a solid customer base, communicate meaningfully, and measure your progress. Here are some critical customer success metrics of SaaS companies which are discussed in brief and they are as follows:

Average Revenue Per Customer (ARPC): ARPC is an essential metric for SaaS companies. It is the best way to track customer growth. This is a more reliable measure of success for a company than acquiring new customers. Increasing revenue from existing customers can represent the most significant percentage of total revenue. Furthermore, it can demonstrate whether or not your efforts are paying off.  This metric asks a simple question that gauges how much the customer will return to the company. If the response is a high score, you should work to improve your software and retain existing customers. It is important to remember that your most important customers are your advocates. It's crucial to keep your customers happy and satisfied with your products.

ARPC is an important indicator of how satisfied customers are. In a SaaS company, the average revenue per user is an estimate of how much income a customer will spend over their lifetime. It also gives you how long the average revenue per user will stay. Most SaaS companies will have high-value and low-value customers. The average revenue per active user is calculated by dividing total revenue by the number of active users. Depending on the time frame, it can be measured annually, quarterly, or monthly. The average revenue per user will change over time as the company grows. This means that each customer's average revenue per user should be higher.

Customer Churn: You're missing out on potential revenue if you don't measure customer churn. Customer churn is a critical metric in SaaS companies. High churn rates indicate unhappy customers. To calculate churn, divide the number of customers that left a given period by the number of customers at the start of the period. These metrics are vital for determining growth and staying competitive. By analyzing customer churn, you can improve and see if the overall product or service is helping your customers.

Customer Growth: Customer growth is a crucial customer success metric for SaaS companies. It is a general measure of the company's success and is challenging to measure accurately. A SaaS company needs to increase its average revenue per user if it is growing and adding new customers. While acquiring new customers is more accessible, upsells and down sells from existing customers are the most important for the company.

Average Revenue Per Account: The average revenue per user (ARPA) is SaaS companies' most important customer success metric. ARPA represents the total revenue per active user for a company. This metric is an essential factor in determining the health of a SaaS company. It is calculated on an annual, quarterly, and monthly basis. The higher the ARPA is, the better it is for the company.

ARPA is the most important customer success metric. It is the overall measure of a company's success. It is harder to track than other metrics, but it helps determine a company's profitability. By measuring average revenue per active user, a company can track the value of its customers. This metric is beneficial for determining the overall growth rate of a SaaS business.


The above customer success metrics when utilized appropriately, have the power to transform the way in which a business operates. It is highly essential for a business to understand that the key performance indicators like these have the ability to make a change in the global scale of a business. ONPASSIVE an AI IT company is one of the producers of Total Internet Solutions for the enhanced productivity of a small or medium scale business.