The interactions and experiences your consumer has with your business along the whole customer journey, from initial contact to becoming a happy and loyal customer, are defined by customer experience (also known as CX).

Customer Experience (CX) is a crucial component of Client Relationship Management (CRM). A customer who has excellent experience with a company is more likely to become a repeat and loyal customer.

Improve revenue with Customer Experience Management

The new marketing is all about the customer experience. CX marketing continues to move its focus from advertising and awareness to experiential marketing, affecting both the online and offline client journey, whether a company is B2B or B2C. Here are three ways that customer experience management can improve the brand-customer relationship, resulting in new topline and bottom-line revenue growth:

1. Reducing the time it takes to become a brand advocate:

Instead of traditional advertising messaging, customers increasingly depend on third-party validation such as internet reviews. It's critical to be proactive in providing outstanding customer service by communicating with your consumers at every chance to turn them into brand ambassadors (and through every available platform).

Businesses must be dedicated to recommending the correct customer assistance via authentic omnichannel offerings, whether through self-service or agent-assisted channels. Once the concerns have been rectified, you may provide those satisfied consumers a direct link to leave a review on your most influential review sites. Fostering these types of immersive, individualized relationships can help you create trust, increase consumer advocacy, and improve your online reputation significantly.

2. Equipping staff to strengthen customer relationships: 

Empowering workers to do their best job is the most direct way to influence corporate results. Employees take ownership of their projects and have a voice when the correct tools are provided and developed correctly, and vital customer data is transparent.

Effective CX management will aid in the identification of processes that will allow your workers to make decisions that will benefit consumers. Providing training, tools, and flexible policies to your employees can help them create valuable experiences. When you hire and train staff to increase customer value, you're not only empowering the agent (under an "everyone owns CX" approach), but you're also able to encourage their performance through excellent customer outcomes.

One of the most effective methods to empower front-line workers is to demonstrate their value by investing in their abilities. Hold training sessions with them to ensure that they have a better understanding of your customers. Bring your client personalities and path maps to life to share customer insights. (To learn more about how BARE International's customer experience research services can assist you, click here.)

3. Innovations in digital transformation: 

Businesses quickly realize that the customer experience economy is a fast-changing environment. Digital transformation is the process of integrating digital technology into all aspects of a company's operations, resulting in significant changes in how the company runs and the value it provides to its consumers. Customer experience research is now the next step in the journey to a customer-centric business.

Any digital transformation endeavor must begin with a thorough grasp of your client's motivations and aspirations. To attract the next generation of digital clients, you must provide them with quick access to information and streamlined services. Customers will find it much easier to get the information they need this way, and it will often avoid the need to speak with an employee. 

While each firm faces unique problems, a digital endeavor must be backed by genuine culture change that will maintain the transformation in the future.


Many people believe that increasing customer experience isn't worth the money. Yet, when it comes to staying ahead of the competition, Customer Experience Management has come a long way from CRM systems and contact centers.

While a short-term strategy such as reward points, compensation, and offers can boost income, placing customers at the center of business and marketing – and effectively managing your CX activities – will increase your chances of long-term success and revenue.