I sense a thread of frustration and worry throughout our GoFounder community.  I feel it sometimes myself.. (Woke up feeling down today) so I prayed.

What I have learned is that it has more to do with ourselves than ONPASSIVE. I think the current situation with Covid19 has many people in a tizz.  But we cannot allow circumstance to dictate our actions – AND certainly, Ash MUST NOT allow circumstance to dictate for it is a sure way to fail – ask me I know from experience.  It is imperative that Ash sticks to his guns. Two key things to remember…

He is carrying the hopes and dreams of over 66,000 people on his shoulders including his own.

He allowed us to hop on board as founders for pennies on the pound. Understanding the heart of the man Ash, we must ask ourselves if grumbling and whining add positive or negative energy. Even better we must ask ourselves what will add POSITIVE energy.  Perhaps Ash is just as frustrated and he really needs to feed off our positive energy right now as the engine that’s driving this project.

Yes.. let us see ourselves as the fuel and Ash as the engine – that’s a good analogy. We all have our problems – for some it’s health..  others money, maybe relationships and for some it’s… “I can’t eat our today. But we each have to DEAL with these issues as best we can. Ash is building this business to be the solution – if we understand his vision we must at some point have chosen to be part of that solution. At a time like this, we must do whatever we can to deliver positive energy and refrain from sowing seeds of division.

But of course, we are human and if we find we cannot do that then it’s best to be silent

NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO QUIT.  To quit is to fail.

PS : Our country South Africa goes on lockdown from the 26 March 2020 for 21 days… tough times but we must weather the storm!

Source: GoFOunders Community