Deploying ONPASSIVE for your low-budget business

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Artificial intelligence (AI) applications are praised as essential tools to fight the competition in today’s market, and many businesses have started to employ it in their business and evolving.

According to Gartner, a global research and advisory firm providing information stated that the growth of AI usage is 270 percent in the last four years, where x3 times happed in the year 2019.

A platform that is launching soon known as ONPASSIVE has leveraged and machine learning (ML) to develop tools that will enable any business to grow. Mentioned below is how a low-budget business can use ONPASSIVE tools for its growth.

  • Lead generation and sales: An AI-driven tool for lead generation is an intelligent application build to produce meaningful benefits for the business of any size.

In a report by Harvard Business Review, Businesses that have employed AI for sale witnessed an increase in their leads by 50 percent, and cost reduction in between 40 – 60 percent.

ONPASSIVE is a lead generation tool that delivers an extensive range of AI marketing strategies.

  • Data collection and analysis: The most critical task which is performed by AI is collecting the data and bringing insight into the data. ONPASSIVE data collection tool and its analyzed outcome help small-scale businesses or low budget businesses in critical decision-making.

This tool collects all the information available in the internal data and collecting data based on customer behavioral habit data from the browsing history and brings a complete view of the business opportunity and marketplace, which will help your business grow.

ONPASSIVE’s user-friendly dashboard will give visual descriptions and provide sufficient reports based information of data, and the segmentation of data is on several bases.

  • Human resources: The task of HR can be easily handled and enhanced with the help of AI. In today’s HR world, they provide several kinds of services, such as recruitment, employee engagement, benefits management, and synchronous learning while earning.

ONPASSIVE AI tool helps your HR team to streamline all these functions and made balancing and coordinating these activities easy.

This AI tool can help to simplify and managing day-to-day HR responsibilities, and it will smoothly automate services like Payroll management, benefits, events, etc.

  • Analyzing competitors: For a business with the low-budget, it is challenging to keep track of your business competitors where you are busy handling your business.

Adopting AI, the ONPASSIVE tool can track your business competitors over the largest digital channels, as well as social media, to accumulate a mixture of data that a business can utilize in their business for the profit generation.

Besides, this tool also can recognize and examine market trends, which create a need for actionable strategic marketing and outlining.

Like many successful low budget business owners, you’re reasonably enthusiastic when it is all about executing new concepts and approaches that guarantee to keep your business ahead in the race.

Emerging technology is no different. So, it’s time for you to increase your knowledge about the ONPASSIVE platform and how it will help your small-scale business growth.

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  • Volkan

    Dünyada hic bukadar güsel bi hediye olmadı, herkese merhaba ve tebrik ederim , kendinisi onpassive
    yasdirdiginisa. çok seviniyorum ve 2020yi süper yolliyacas.

    7 months ago | 16 November, 2020 4:44 pm Reply
  • Daniel sekyere

    It is amazing to have so many marketing tools under one platform and it works efficiently.

    1 year ago | 20 February, 2020 12:08 pm Reply
  • Paul Galloway

    WOW! If you have ever even thought about starting a business and that eco system does not get your heart pumping, You might ought to go see a docter soon…lol..I can not wait to get my hands on most of those products! IN IT TO WIN IT 100%…

    1 year ago | 19 February, 2020 2:04 am Reply
  • Cynthia R Hopkins

    This is all so very exciting! I cannot wait to have access to all the wonderful tools ONPASSIVE will provide me, as such a low price! FINALLY, I will be able build my business on my shoestring budget! Hats off to the CEO, Ash Mufareh, for creating this wonderful business for all us little guys! Success, at last, and at a price we can all afford! Amazing!

    1 year ago | 16 February, 2020 8:28 pm Reply
  • Steve Newell

    An awesome array of marketing tools all under one platform to grow your business!

    1 year ago | 16 February, 2020 6:25 am Reply
  • Samuel Annan

    This is surely going to be amazing. Successful businesses always takes time to build, because you need time to consider everything carefully so that when lunched, everything runs smoothly. Thanks so much Ash for the good works

    1 year ago | 16 February, 2020 2:28 am Reply
  • Elbachir douif

    عالم ريادة الأعمال تحديداً -من وجهة نظري- هو أكثر عالم يقدّم لك أمثلة حقيقية واقعيـة للنجاح في ظروف لا يمكن لأغلبنا أن يتصوّر (مجرّد تصوّر) أي نجاح من ورائها..
    النجاح في الحياة، وتحقيق إنجازات كبرى، أمر وارد جداً، ومن الممكن تحقيقه لمن أراد، مهما كانت الظروف سيئة، أو مشينة أو مأساوية.. الكـل سيّان، طالما توافرت الإرادة.. بل إن البعض يستخدم هذه الظروف السيئة والأزمات، كمنطلق للوصول إلى النجاح والشهرة والثروة..

    1 year ago | 15 February, 2020 11:02 am Reply

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