Customer Behavior

In this part of the article, Determine Customer Behavior with the Help of Color Psychology as mentioned-before in the first part, we will be covering how color impact branding and how color can create conversions.

Psychology and marketing are partners until their existence. A psychologist might not be a marketer, but genuine marketers often include human psychology concepts in their marketing techniques and choices.

How can color impact branding?

While several marketing professionals have tried to infuse colors as mentioned before to a few fundamental characteristics or opinions, psychology also has the ability to support businesses to develop a more extensive understanding and knowledge of the associations of color choice. 

For instance, it is essential to understand that green color is not always associated with growth and red color with drama or danger. Nevertheless, indeed if one distinct color cannot yet communicate a particular message, multiple pieces of research have unveiled that hue is crucial to branding.

According to a study by Management Decision, the oldest and longest-running scholarly journals focused explicitly on the area of management, people tend to come to a decision within the 90 seconds of their first contact with the product, and the color itself contributes 90% of the message that determines the choice.

This hints that marketers must recognize how the colors affect consumers’ heads to distinguish products and identify brands.

According to a study published in Marketing Theory, a quarterly peer-reviewed academic journal covering the field of marketing displays how valuable the psychology of color is to branding, reporting that several consumers evaluate how fitting color is to a brand while making a decision. So, marketers should be well knowledgeable of their fancied brand opinion and whether the colors are aligned with it.

How Can Color Generate Conversions?

Constructing a distinct and clear brand personality that generates a definite positive response between customers is a symbol of accomplishment. Still, marketers also require generating more conversions and driving sales to meet their end purposes.

According to a study published by the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science (JAMS) is dedicated to the research and improvement of marketing and assists as an essential link within scholarly research and work by distributing research-based articles in the stable area of marketing, advises that color psychology may also be vital in achieving the goal.

The study displays that consumers’ acknowledgment of a brand’s identification and its utilization of color may also influence their connection for a brand. This signifies that marketers who utilize color psychology successfully can impact purchasing habits and enhance brand loyalty.

While no particular color has demonstrated to accelerate sales more successfully than others, the appropriate treatment of color psychology does seem to reshape a brand’s capability to make it stand out.

Color is merely one of several psychological mechanisms that marketers can practice to establish successful brands. The use of psychology to grasp and manipulate customers is a particular department.

If the pictures and color combinations are handpicked precisely and flawlessly, then your brand becomes attractive.