Marketing research

As the pandemic is making its mark with time and not showing any sign of retrieval, we all need to gear up to operate in “the new normal”. The world in the post-pandemic future is going to be new in different senses. For businesses, it’s going to be a real challenge to stay relevant in the market. 

The ‘digital transformation is a reality today as pandemic has changed how businesses operate and function. Technology has overpowered most aspects of the business world. 

Apart from that, marketing research has shown that consumer behaviour is undergoing change. As advertising today is primarily digital, consumers are in control of what they prefer to see. Thus, the way advertisements convey messages has also changed. Advertising is more about satisfying a basic need than activating a cultural aspiration. 

Today the factors like flexibility, trustworthiness and availability have surpassed their importance over the place and price. Ads are expected to embrace fundamentals common to us all. 

Marketing is no exception and has been changing in the new normal too. The end-user experience has become the primary point of interest today. 

These shifts have deeper implications. The pandemic situation has made businesses reposition themselves and has brought a considerable shift in their strategic thinking and associated budget. Today, ad budgets have shifted to the digital medium, design money is spent to enrich the user experience, and marketing has shifted to convey the message format to connect with people instead of glorifying a product or service. This is how; the change brought up by “the new normal” is quite visible.

Connecting with audience

In the context of all these changes, “the new normal” appears unclear. However, one thing that we can confidently claim is that it is empowering the consumers. Thereby, the connection between a business and its consumers has become critical more than ever. 

While the audience does not want to waste their time and money on a lousy user experience, businesses cannot afford to weaken their connection with the audience. 

Businesses look beyond a bland ‘brand experience’ and focus on deepening the emotional connection with the audience.

Following are a few elements that help businesses have a real competitive edge in the new normal: 

1. Emotional connection: Businesses are keen on what message they put out, what kind of packaging is being used, what the company website signifies etc., to ensure a harmonious emotional connection with the audience. 

2. Visual appeal: Visual appeal of a brand is crucial as it helps create the initial sense of trust. 

3. Satisfaction of a need: It is the integral aspect of the emotional connection equation. It represents what a brand has made efforts to satisfy a specific need of the audience. 

4. Solution of a problem: How businesses resolve problems faced by their audience also boosts the emotional connection. 

5. Trustworthiness and engagement: By building trust in the brand, businesses also ensure improved audience engagement.

Summing Up 

While the world is still tussling with the new normal, businesses have geared up too. The five different elements explained in the blog will offer a more holistic approach that businesses can utilize to humanize their brand, offer customers an enhanced end-user experience and create a win-win situation for every customer touchpoint and transaction. 

The changed approach is not new in the real sense. It’s only the sustainable way of doing business in “the new normal” of the post-pandemic world.

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