developing a mindset

We are entering into a New Millennium 2020, and this is the time of year many of us look forward to the New Year. I believe there are meaningful innovations that are being introduced to humanity that will force us to develop a different mindset if we are to benefit from them. Therefore, I thought to share this concept with you. Starting from where you are to what you want to achieve in your lifetime, you are in the driver’s seat to achieve all that you desire. It can be done when one chooses to make a change to achieve a better way of living.

An opportunity may be presented to you that has the possibility to change your way of living or lifestyle. Even though it may appear to have what you want to achieve, it requires you taking action. It may be different from the way you have been living but having a determination to go through the process requires you to develop a mindset of being prosperous, being wealthy, being happy, being all the wonderful things you desire for you, your loved ones, family members and others. It needs attention.

How do you begin to develop a mindset to achieve your desire? There are different approaches that can be used. As a metaphysician, I will share with you principles that can be used from that perspective. You may be wondering what metaphysics is? It is simply utilizing universal, not scientific principles that are responsive to that which you desire. Universal Law is an active participant in the outcome. Though invisible, it always acts regardless if the desire is good or not so good. Since you desire to have a better lifestyle and greater success in the fulfilment of your purpose, your intent, willingness and participation to take action are vital.

The principles needed to develop a mindset for what you want are intention, desire, visualization, and action. Your intention is knowing what it is you want to achieve. Your desire is the feeling of how bad you want it. Visualization is having a mental image of what you want. And action is your participation in the outcome.

To get started, begin by journaling your intent and as you write, develop a feeling of what it will feel like to accomplish your desire. As you visualize, what it will look like and can feel what it will feel like to have your desire achieved to be open to any opportunities for you to take action towards the outcome of your desire.

Regardless of any obstacles that may appear before you, remain focused on the image of the outcome. You will always find a solution that will help you to overcome the obstacle as you continue on your journey. Every action you take will be towards the fulfilment of your desire. Developing a Mindset is the key to achieve your goals.

As you begin your journey, I would suggest you always take time to sit in a quiet place, take a few deep breaths to calm the thoughts and visualize the outcome. It’s the same as going into meditation. In so doing, you are connecting to the Source of Creation that is mighty intelligent and It – God/Spirit or any other name you may know, will inspire you to take the right action. If you remain focused and utilize these principles consistently, you can accomplish anything you desire.

These principles are universal; the process will always fulfil your desire. Much Success!