Development of E-Learning in AI Online Education

AI Online Education establishes with best learning methods in the current date. It increases the knowledge retention rates from 25-60% compared with face-to-face training. The rise of cloud-based LMS has made it possible for several instructors to impart their knowledge and wisdom to willing students worldwide.

Concurrently, there have been massive breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, and machine learning and these technologies have influenced all major fields and applications positively.

Learning management systems have no exceptions. There are several possibilities in which AI and ML can enhance the eLearning experience.

Comparison between AI and Machine learning

AI focusses on the creation of an intelligent human-machine that will work like humans. In contrast, ML is an application of an AI provides an ability to learn and improve from experience automatically without the need from being programmed explicitly.

How E-learning Benefited with AI and ML?

Machine Learning allows a software application to behave more intelligently and automatically improve on own. 

AI machines utilize 
  • Decision tree learning
  • Artificial neural networks
  • Bayesian networks
  • Other machine learning algorithms are undertaking different tasks.
These machine learning tasks broadly classified into:
  1. Supervised Learning
  2. Unsupervised Learning. 

E-learning landscape drastically grows with AI and ML’s integration in the Learning Management System (LMS) applications.

Enable Better Optimization on Course Content and Deliveries

Making online courses on any cloud-based LMS is not a one-time activity. This course content needs to be revised based on feedback achieved from students. These inputs are qualitative surveys or comments left by students and quantitative information like quiz results, ratings, and other course metrics that LMS reveals.

This data needs to be processed and analysed by the instructor to understand the patterns and trends to increase the course effectiveness. It is a tedious and time-intensive task and critical at the same time. Many instructors are unable to perform correctly.

AI-enabled learning management systems utilize artificial neural networks or in-depth learning algorithms to process data and optimize course content without manual intervention, much faster and more accurate than humans. These intelligent LMS will quickly learn how students are still weak and understand how the course improved automatically based on every student’s pattern and data.

Facilitate Personalization of Course for Students

Every student has different educational backgrounds and thinking ability. It is imperative providing case studies, and examples to the best-related course customize as per each student for better learning. Machine Learning capability achieves a higher degree of customization with LMS.

Enhance the Effectiveness of Course

Besides, optimizing and personalizing course content progresses for each student, AI-enabled LMS takes care of this tedious routine tasks like 

  • Grading students
  • Student’s On-boarding
  • Provide initial instructions.

This way, instructors spend more time on useful things, i.e., creating new courses and learning new things independently.

Help for Identifying a Need for New Course

Artificial Intelligence is all about data and pattern-identifications once an AI-LMS has collected comprehensive sets of input and statistics of several students across different courses and identifies the gaps in students’ learning that have not been covered by any current methods.

Improve Marketing of Courses Reaching Targeted Students 

Intelligent LMS helps to create a detailed profile of potential students that benefits the most out of your courses. Such high-level details enable to refine marketing messages and enhance campaigns’ effectiveness so that reach and conversions increase significantly.

Allow 24X7 Resolution of Students’ Doubts

Cloud-based LMS with artificial intelligence capabilities acts as round-the-clock doubt solver with the help of a knowledge base from which it learns. A virtual teaching assistant helps students in such things.

Highly Interactive and Immersive Learning Experiences

AI-enabled robot assistants like Zenbo, Cloi and Temi spawned market by gaining access into homes for assisting in routine activities and empowering smart families.

Cloud-based LMS integrates with robots teaching students in their home rather than sitting before a laptop or a mobile. Students also interact vocally with these robots to resolve their doubts instead of typing on their laptop screens.

It would create a higher learning synergy and an immersive learning experience that bounds to increase its efficacy.


AI and ML are shaping E-learning methodology. AI and machine learning are revolutionary technologies that stay and change the landscape of human civilization. E-learning massively benefited from these technologies, that changes the way learning new things through online courses.