Digital Marketing Campaigns with Artificial Intelligence

Digital marketing with AI is the most significant trend of the year 2020. Digital marketing campaigns and strategies have improved tremendously with the advent of artificial intelligence. 

#1 Integrating Artificial Intelligence with Content Creation and Curation

Artificial intelligence will help you create and curate content, particularly for your audience. AI will help to track user behavior and analyze showcased content based on particular interests. 

Personalization will empower your content marketing in making a long-lasting connection with your audience. AI has been used for content personalization, by more than 56.5% of people. 

Popular social media solutions based on artificial intelligence will help you figure out precisely what your audience is talking about. By figuring out what your audience wants, you will be able to customize your offerings. 

#2 Working with Data learning and advanced Chatbots

Organizations have been adopting artificial intelligence, particularly for Chatbots, and predict that this will reduce the overall costs. Natural language processing can help you understand the customer’s queries and responding to them appropriately. 

It is possible to track customer behavior in recommending products according to their interests.

Chatbots are great as they can help businesses run all of their online stores, available 24/7, and are capable of giving the best human-like responses to customer queries. 

It can lead to better customer services as Chatbots, and one of the most prominent examples of this is the Barista Chatbot by Starbucks on Facebook Messenger. 

#3 Using AI for personalized automated email marketing

Artificial intelligence is a game-changer, mainly when employed in email marketing, and 41% of marketers have reported an increase in revenue. The increase in revenue is to personalizing emails utilizing Artificial Intelligence. 

AI-powered tools can analyze data that is related to behavior and actions for your target audience. You will determine the best date, time, and method for contacting them with the help of a personalized email.

You can also set up drip email campaigns based on your prospects’ exact position in their customer buyer’s journey. It is essential to figure out the type of images and content that your email subscribers will appreciate.

The ultimate goal is to increase your overall engagement, open rates, and click-through rates.

#4 Better insights for sales predictions and forecasting

Artificial intelligence will help you make precise predictions and quickly help forecast your sales and make it very useful, especially digital marketing.

AI utilizes statistics, data mining, and sales modeling for predicting precise future outcomes, especially for online businesses.

There are countless benefits of automating and optimizing ads, with nearly 18% of marketers utilizing artificial intelligence. 

The other 66% of the population were pre-occupied with planning, evaluating, or implementing better sales predictions and forecasting.

By merely adopting Artificial Intelligence in sales, forecasting has helped digital marketers find new and better ways to easily hit their desired targets. The biggest retail American giant, Walmart, saw a massive spike in online sales, with an increase of 10-15%, utilizing famous AI sales predictions.

#5 Automating and optimizing ads using artificial intelligence

Understand that programmatic advertising is just the advanced version of marketing with a value expected to reach $81 billion by 2021. 

AI can help boost your online campaigns, and report tasks such as bidding, reporting, and identifying new negative keywords. 

Artificial intelligence can boost your online campaigns with bidding, reporting, and identifying a new type of negative keywords. Find trends, especially massive datasets, and do competitor analysis to perform better with AI tools. 

The advertising world is transforming for the better by targeting audiences, especially with ad purchasing.

Final Thoughts

AI is here to stay for good, and many visionaries such as Elon Musk are opposed to the idea of Artificial intelligence. The future of digital marketing with AI is bright, headed in the right direction, especially to improve our marketing practices. 

Artificial intelligence is excellent for leveraging and keeping people engaged, especially while converting them into customers.

The numerous ways it can effectively improve your customer service and reduce the overall costs associated with it are unbeatable. It is imperative to automate and optimize all of your ads, utilizing the power of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is the future of revolutionary technology adopted by businesses and organizations, to improve upon their overall level of proficiency and efficiency. AI can be adapted and fit itself into any organization, regardless of the type of targeted industry.