Digital Marketing in 2020

As smartphone usage is on the rise, traditional marketing strategies such as print media and brochures are no longer helping marketers to build brand awareness. As a result, marketers are compelled to find new ways to engage with customers and enhance their brand presence online.

Brands that embraced with a plethora of digital marketing channels have seen a significant first-mover advantage in these unprecedented times. It is because digital marketing demand in 2020 is massive. Compared to other online marketing strategies, digital marketing is cost-effective and ensures notable benefits. 

While the digital marketing demand in 2020 is high, an obstacle to meet this demand is the skills gap. It is where marketers will need to make efficient use of marketing automation tools and solutions. Let’s explore why digital marketing demand in 2020 is growing. 

Why is Digital Marketing Demand in 2020 Growing? 

#1: Drastic Change in Traditional Marketing 

Online marketing strategies have made it possible for small businesses to compete with large companies. It has opened up new opportunities for digital marketers. Undoubtedly, there will be a higher demand for digital marketers in the coming years. Traditional marketing was limited to door to door and word of mouth publicity, but digital marketing is not the same. 

Today, people demand everything at their fingertips. Digital marketing can help marketing professionals in fulfilling the needs of their target customers. Therefore, digital marketing demand in 2020 and beyond is expected to grow.  

Previously, you may have received various banners and brochures of real estate companies. But, are real estate companies still behind printing brochures and doing door to door distribution? Not anymore. Real estate companies are using digital marketing to market their new apartments to their customers. Therefore, as the market demand changes, so should businesses. 

#2: Digital Spend is Increasing 

As nearly 80% of millennials spend one-third of their time on the internet, digital marketing demand in 2020 and beyond is projected to remain the same. Today, every business invests in online marketing to gain a strategic advantage, whether small or large. Also, consumers are making massive online purchases, resulting in increased digital spending. 

As the digital marketing requirements are continuously evolving, so it is the need for digital marketers. While digital marketing brings about lucrative opportunities, they also have challenges. Small and medium-sized businesses face challenges owing to the skill gap and lack of digital marketing knowledge. It can be addressed by leveraging marketing automation tools. Artificial intelligence-powered automation solutions enable digital marketers to streamline major marketing tasks, from content curation to lead scoring to campaign management.

#3: Personalization has come to the Forefront

Today, every action in technological advancement points towards enhancing the relationship between a human and a machine. Recent studies have shown that 50% of customers are likely to switch brands if products or services are personalized based on their needs. It indicates that personalization is no longer just another addition but a necessity. 

Personalization in online marketing increases digital marketing demand in 2020. Various marketing tools can aid marketers in personalizing content, ads, products, and services for customers. The demand for personalization is expected to remain over the coming years. Therefore, digital marketing demand in 2020 and beyond will remain the same.

 #4: Popularity of Voice Assistants

Voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistants are being used massively by the young and older generations. Voice assistants empower people to get appropriate answers to their queries through voice search. Isn’t the feature interesting? Well, certainly, yes. Voice assistants have made it easier for people to search for anything or play their favorite music while driving and more.

With the growing usage of voice assistance, the demand for voice supporting digital marketing strategies is increasing. Therefore, in no way the digital marketing demand in 2020 will decrease. Shortly, companies of all sizes will strive hard to rank highest on the voice search result. So, start with the right online marketing strategy today and avoid being left behind.

#5: Digital Marketing Outsourcing is Cost-Effective

Online marketing strategies like digital marketing can help companies reach the right set of customers at the right time. Unlike other online marketing strategies, outsourcing digital marketing services are cost-effective. Therefore, companies of all sizes can make efficient use of digital marketing in today’s digital era. Or, small businesses can consider automation tools to streamline their online marketing strategies. In every way, inevitably, digital marketing demand in 2020 and beyond will keep growing.

Summing Up

There’s no doubt that digital marketing demand in 2020 will increase. So, businesses across all sectors will need to stay prepared to adopt online marketing strategies. You can hire an expert digital marketer to help your business with online marketing. Besides, you can outsource digital marketing services or invest in automation tools. There are massive opportunities open in the digital marketing world. Make optimum use of them to gain a competitive advantage and outshine.