Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is now digitalised. The current pandemic necessitated employees to work from home. At such an instance, it is necessary to visualise whether the required setup will be available at the remote locations. Employees were prone to panic working from a remote location. However, with time things have eased out with digitalisation.

Moreover, It is important that employees sustain the same energy, interest and enthusiasm while working from a remote location. How can this be achieved? Digital employee engagement tools hold the answer. Though it would not meet the level of physical work culture, it had created its mark in the current trend. Let us get into the details of the subject.

Factors contributing to Digital employee engagement tools

Let us know what factors contribute to the employee engagement tool. Imagine you don’t have any tools at hand, and you are located remotely. How can you gain coordination in the work culture? The answer to this lies in arranging the complete setup to carry out the work culture.

Several factors strike our mind to help achieve work coordination. Communication which earlier happened face to face must now seek the help of a tool that helps carry out the execution. The one that has the best audio and video clarity is preferred as they promote seamless workflow.

How can employee attendance be recorded? Using tools helps achieve this. It is a part of the HR strategy to know employees attendance and working hours to execute payroll. Tools that aid the complete HR process is recommended to help employee engagement.

One more significant factor to pay attention to is data security. One needs to question how secure is the data flow when working from a remote location. Businesses have to explore means to achieve security. VPN helps attain a secure internet connection while working in a public environment. ONPASSIVE’s O-virtual is the most secure VPN. Now stay safe and be free from any worries of your data being stolen. The tools play an essential role to avoid using any suspicious internet connections.

Purpose of Digital employee engagement tools

Though tools can be categorised based on the business requirement and the purposes they fulfil, below listed are few general requirements met by the tools.

⦁ Project streamlining
⦁ One point source for all project information
⦁ Enables chatting
⦁ Complete Dashboard to tracks past, ongoing and future activities
⦁ Sends reminders to accomplish any upcoming or postponed tasks

HR tools precisely accomplish the following things:

⦁ Helps track employee working hours and performance
⦁ Employee Attendance and payment information
⦁ Leaves and holiday list
⦁ Shares any updates and official announcements
⦁ Provide fun and entertainment in the form of stories or organising a game show

Skype and zoom calls are some other digital employee engagement tools that help connect from a remote location. They help employees to discuss various factors concerning a subject.

O-Peer is an effective communication tool developed to meet your business needs. While in the office or outside the work environment, it enables to communicate within the team quickly. The messages are sent instantly. Also, the tool supports staying online or offline as per our choice, and at the same time, helps to view the status of the other users.


No matter how digitalisation revolutionised employee engagement, it will not replace the traditional physical work culture. Let us try to find the best in everything and work together to create a positive environment by addressing each other concerns and contribute to the growth of the business we are part

I hope we get back to the days when we worked together, sharing our ideas, opinions and expressions.