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Did you know that the company has taken over all Twitter, replacing Tiny URL as the major URL shortener? This resource by works wonders especially as a URL shortener for SERP’s.

With the ability to trim URL, you are not only shortening web addresses but you are making your content more readable and avoiding junk URLs as a whole. This is incredibly useful in making your content cleaner.

Who else is catching up on this trend?

Noticing this change in shortening of URLs, Google and Facebook refuse to be left behind. They have already started reducing the size of the links and this allows publishers to make and use short URLs. and trim URL allows its publishers to build customized codes such as

This helps to ensure that the links are smaller, easily customizable, promotes readability while still continuing on the brand of the company or publisher.

Some lesser-known facts about URL shorteners:

  • Google’s implementation of URL shorteners:

There are countless other URL shorteners available right now and granted, that most of them are unnecessary. Even though it is not much of a need right now, there might be a day when Google could start its own URL shortening service.

  • A shortened URL could be a threat:

Google is exclusive in its association with URL shorteners such as FeedBurner or ToolBar. Once Google decides to open up its services, it could prove to be incredibly useful and beneficial to reach out to a wider audience. This can help to reach out to a much bigger audience as well.

  • Collecting data is the most important:

No matter if Facebook or Google are against the services provided by However, the end result of all of it is data.  Google and Facebook can produce a higher number of shortened links compared to links.

  • Figuring out the business model:, allows big media to find their way around scrambled URLs, and the appeal for publishers is to get their own custom URLs which reflects their branding as well. When a consumer sees the short link of a brand, they immediately trust the brand’s link as well. This helps indirectly affecting the business model of the brand as well.

  • Unnecessary risk of association:

As with any new service, which emerges with a boom there are chances of it ceasing to exist as well. Some URL shortening services which existed in the past such as have ceased to exist, due to heavy competition.

In conclusion, this was a short brief on the inclusivity implied by Google and Facebook in respect to URL shorteners. We wish you the best of luck in the future for shortening your URLs as well.