Nice day everyone.

I was brought to passive income by a very good leader, a well-known MLM company, as early as 2012, which I met in another well-known franchising company where we worked together for some time. 🙂 No, it wasn’t a coincidence, I’m sure.

After the world economic crisis in 2012, real estate was poorly sold, and one of the reasons I failed was that I lacked marketing and work experience. Yes, although I graduated in marketing, although I tried hard, clients just didn’t trust a boy who was 25 at the time and didn’t look like twenty.

Therefore, potential clients chose a broker other than testing a young man. Likewise, you have the same thing in the hospital, you also want to be operated by a surgeon who has at least 20 years of experience.

My name is Jiri and I studied Business Academy, Marketing and Business Management. At that time, I did not know exactly why this combination, I knew a little that it might come in handy later, so the universe arranged it for me. When you live in a friendly universe, you experience a magical life. I gained experience in both companies, but because I was not making a profit, I had to leave these companies after some time (roughly 1 year).

Why did I register for ONPASSIVE? 85-90% of the people are employees and they do not know that thanks to this company they could very easily get from the left side of the Cashflow quadrant to the right side of the Cashflow quadrant. You needed tens of millions of crowns in the last century to afford this, but in the 21st century, with a shared economy, cryptocurrency and online internet projects, you don’t need large sums of money. You only need $ 97 and with ONPASSIVE you have your own business and all of our founders have only a few months left to become renters for life. Simply wonderful.

Why ONPASSIVE? Because everyone here will be part of the massive daily campaign that the company will create for us in 2020 and beyond, which will generate new leads for our founders and will pay us a profit from each of us.

Why am I so sure? Because everyone will want to buy for 25 or just $ 125 what a competitor normally costs thousands of dollars.

Therefore, each of us founders succeeds, and so it may be the last online company you set up. No more HYIPS no more nuts and experiments.

The revenue will be in the millions, so I have really big plans.

Plans for other people, because we are all in this world for a reason, and I, for example, because I want to help as many people as possible to financial freedom and make them as wealthy as possible, as many of them voluntarily contribute to good things like saving rainforests, or supporting young people aged 18-26 who leave orphanages and lack the fundamentals of financial literacy and thus fall into debt and often end up under the bridge.

Everyone on this planet can live here for 130 to 150 years, but thanks to oxidative stress (which includes UV radiation, work stress, smoking, alcohol, air pollution, diet, fried food, vegetables and fruits that have much less effective vitamins than 50 years ago), our body ages very quickly, and usually doesn’t live to a hundred years. And just to be able to do as much as possible in this world and to help wherever possible, it is necessary to have good health, which is obtained, for example, using molecular hydrogen or other world-class products. If the lifestyle or donation is involved in ONPASSIVE in some way, then only will our planet Earth begin to develop spiritually. 🙂

A lot of people from the Czech and Slovak Republics are planning a charitable collection after getting rich and thanks to ONPASSIVE it can be really spectacular.

So we have a project that will be min. as massive as Microsoft, Amazon, or Amway.

A project that you can join in at an early stage, the so-called prelaunch, that gives you everything you ask for (website, marketing, autopilot, basically you don’t have to worry about anything), you get seriously once, max 2x in a lifetime.

This project will change the lives of very many people around the world.

When people are poor, they all want to contribute, but once they get rich, they don’t want much. I am curious to see how the ONPASSIVE position of the founders will change in this respect, and I wish that as many of the founders as we could become rich could do the right and charitable things.

Do not miss this opportunity as you only have a few last moments to register.

Live a fulfilled life.