More traffic means more returns! And who doesn’t want an increase in the number of visitors on their website? In this article, we will cover a proven way to increase your organic traffic with the specific technology of AMP.

Organic traffic refers to those visitors who land on your website through unpaid channels or search results. The best way to increase organic traffic is to post appropriate and quality content on your website frequently. Search Engine Optimization is the domain of online marketing that centers on the growth of organic traffic.

A large-scale study investigates the effect on organic traffic, before and after the implementation of AMP and it shows a positive outcome.

A Quick Rundown on AMP:

Google AMP is an open-source framework that lets the user create a website that loads quickly on mobile. You can create an AMP-enable page using HTML, JavaScript or AMP Cache.

Mentioned below are a few points on how AMP increases organic traffic:

Increase in Rank:

AMP provides a fast mobile-friendly website enhancing the user experience, which is one of the primary reasons because Google keeps user experience on the top of the list. By making your mobile pages faster and easy-accessible, you will enhance your performance towards a known organic search ranking factor.

Content In Google Server:

Whenever any page or website converts to the AMP-enable page using the cache, it gets saved in the Google server appearing in the Google search result with the lightning Icon. Depending upon the topic of the content and searches, there are a lot of chances that your content may appear among the top search results.

Boost Credibility:

People tend to spend more time on websites with the fast loading speed, unveiling the interest of people towards the content of your website. The more time on you get for your website or pages the less bounce rate you have, resulting in a good reputation another factor which is taken into consideration while ranking.


AMP-enabled pages appear at the top of the search result, among the stories which appear in the top carousel and manage to get more exposure. More exposure means more visitors which also increases the reputation of your website. 

Lightning Icon:

The sites which have a lightning bolt icon next to its website indicate a website is AMP-enabled. Presently more people are not aware of this icon and don’t look for it in their searches, but with the growth of AMP in future people might start to look for the symbol.

We’ve covered all the significant factors which help in increasing the organic traffic on the website. Implementing AMP can help you appear in the search results and increase the number of visitors on your website. Gary Illyes, a webmaster trends analyst, report stated 90% of the publisher implementing AMP on their pages or websites are witnessing higher click-through-rates.